Eight popular wireless earphones! Oppo enco W51 and airpods Pro

 Eight popular wireless earphones! Oppo enco W51 and airpods Pro

At present, the active noise reduction function is undoubtedly one of the most competitive functions of the real wireless headset. Among the eight headphones tested by digital tail, apple air podspro, Sony wf-1000xm3, Samsung Galaxy budslive and oppoencow51 all have active noise reduction capabilities.

When it comes to the active noise reduction wireless headphones, the first thing you think of may be the airpodspro. Whether its strong noise reduction strength or amazing transparent mode, airpodspro can be called one of the top active noise reduction true wireless headphones. However, digital tail believes that Sony wf-1000xm3, which was the first to launch active noise reduction function, is still not inferior to airpodspro in terms of medium and high frequency noise reduction performance. Samsungs Galaxy budslive has a slightly lower active noise reduction capability due to its semi open design.

Surprisingly, oppoencow51, which is only a quarter of the price of airpodspro, is almost as good as airpodspro in terms of active noise reduction. Oppoencow51 adopts dual active noise reduction scheme, and the maximum noise reduction depth is almost the same as that of airpodspro, reaching 35dB. This noise reduction depth has reached the ceiling of all products in this comparison. At the same time, the effective noise reduction bandwidth of oppoencow51 can be extended to 2.5KHz, and the attenuation of low-frequency noise is almost the same as that of airpodspro. An active noise reduction wireless headset less than 500 yuan can achieve such noise reduction level, and digital tail also highly appreciates it.

Digital tail also tested the delay rate and connection stability of eight earphones. Galaxy budslive, soundcore liberty2pro and hibywh3 are not completely satisfied with the performance of the digital tail in connection stability. Even the performance of airpodspro is not excellent, and there are often disconnection situations.

Compared with the above four products, the delay and stability of trueconnect2, wf-1000xm3, Bang & Olufsen and oppoencow51 are satisfactory. Especially when oppoencow51 is connected to the latest models such as opporeno4, it can achieve a minimum delay of 94 Ms. Through oppos self-developed dual transmission technology, both Android and iPhone can get a good low latency experience.

It is worth mentioning that only Sony wf-1000xm3, which is priced at 1699 yuan, does not carry wireless charging function among the eight earphones. Beoplay E8, which costs 2689 yuan, still uses a dual microphone noise reduction scheme. These real wireless headphones above 1000 yuan have been castrated to varying degrees. On the contrary, oppoencow51, which is only priced at 499 yuan, not only has wireless charging function, but also has three microphone voice noise reduction technology which is only carried by 1000 yuan products. It can be said that it is worth the price.

The performance of oppoencow51 in sound is also commendable, the timbre is thick and full, the low frequency sense is a little more, the human voice line is clear and has good details. For popular vocal music, this kind of music has a good adaptability, the overall performance is commendable.

With such a comprehensive and good experience, oppoencow51 can truly cram almost all mainstream configurations into the right price.

Through the horizontal review of digital tail, we can see that each of the eight earphones has its own advantages. The playability of soundcore liberty2pro and hibywh3 are popular. The comprehensive performance of pursuing products includes rhatrueconnect2 and galaxy budslive. If you want to experience excellent active noise reduction functions, airpodspro and wf-1000xm3 are available, while beoplaye8 is the third generation of luxury products. If youre looking for a real wireless headset that perfectly combines the top noise reduction experience and the ultimate cost performance ratio, you might as well try oppoencow51, which is almost the best choice for users at the price of 500 yuan.

Recently, oppoencow51 has also launched a new type of feather black color matching. The simple and Atmospheric Black fuselage is matched with the publicized gold sequins. It is like a deep night to welcome the dawn in the woods. It has a sense of science and technology, but also has a fashion flavor, so that you can occupy the fashion C position in the crowd anytime and anywhere.

Has the oppoencow51 noise reduction earphone with both strength and beauty made you excited? What are you still hesitating about? Put it in your pocket! Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Has the oppoencow51 noise reduction earphone with both strength and beauty made you excited? What are you still hesitating about? Put it in your pocket!