On three new products, lets open the class, create differentiated competitive advantage for digital talents

 On three new products, lets open the class, create differentiated competitive advantage for digital talents

Opening ceremony

Cui Chao, COO of the opening bar, said that in the past, the courses were set up in two dimensions of industry and occupation, and products and services were provided according to different categories of work experience and target groups. But in fact, even if the opening bar has changed the conventional curriculum division mode, so as to meet more personalized needs and let the curriculum outline win more, it can not fully meet all the personalized needs of students. In the actual process, there will still be many problems and challenges. If these problems are not paid attention to, it will lead to the students learning rhythm gradually solidified at the beginning of the class, making everyone feel that they are wasting time and cost-effective, and some students with interdisciplinary needs feel that they spend too much, etc. In view of the above in-depth insight into the students, and after a series of tests and model building, the opening bar has made more positive adjustments to the new curriculum in 2020, and officially launched two products, namely data application Changxue card and professional advanced Changxue card. These two products have broken the teaching mode and delivery mode based on courses in the past, and appeal for personalized customization and precise adaptation, which will bring new learning experience to students.

Data application Chang Xue card is mainly aimed at data application talents, training them to be proficient in data application and data analysis methods, as well as relevant data analysis tools, such as Excel, SQL, python, etc. It has 16 special skill modules, 200 + Learning sections, 4 major tools and 300 + practical project library. In the aspects of personnel management, personnel management and personnel management, we hope that they can make their own advantages in the aspects of personnel management, personnel management, and so on. In addition, the product can accurately adapt to the post application scenarios, and can freely choose several different data analysis methods according to their own application scenarios. It can also help students solve the problem of how to cooperate with colleagues of different types and positions around data through the combination of courses.

Professional advanced Chang Xue card is mainly applicable to six categories of Internet vertical people, namely, product managers, data analysts, back-end development engineers, front-end development engineers, big data development engineers, AI algorithm engineers, and 30 + professional post talents. This product is mainly suitable for those who have more than three years working experience and have clear growth goals. Its highlights are intelligent planning, on-demand customization, cross-border learning and five university subjects. It contains 12 sets of advanced courses and 100 + Course Chapter module combination. It is particularly worth mentioning that the intelligent planning function can help students customize very personalized course modules.

The above two kinds of Chang Xue cards are products related to technical skills, and the promotion and salary increase of employees are not only related to skills, but also important factors such as comprehensive ability and mentality. Especially in the face of professional ceiling and anxiety, professional consultation and evaluation services are very needed, so the opening bar also launched a professional physical examination card for workplace people. The content includes four online professional evaluation, one-to-one voice communication among senior experts, one resume optimization service, 30 career promotion courses and after-sales Q & A within 30 days. Among them, the four major professional assessments contain several elements from four directions. These four sets of evaluation models were launched at the new product launch only after they were personally evaluated and proved effective by 5 million employees. At the beginning of the class, the evaluation of each user is to describe a workplace person with 36 dimensions, and match more than 600 post models according to these 36 dimensions, and finally get the professional evaluation report. This evaluation report will also be delivered to more than 300 industry experts in 6 major fields of the course. Finally, according to the evaluation report, we will complete the 1-hour professional consultation, communication and guidance process.

The launch of three new products, can be said to have gone through grinding, excellence. In addition to these three new products, the opening bar promotes all ordinary classes and excellent training classes on the 826 back to school day. During the back to school festival, 100000 blind boxes and hundreds of thousands of cash red envelopes were prepared. The activity lasted until August 31, which can be said to be full of sincerity.