Efficient reverse search of Amazon keywords, sharing four methods of Amazon sellers query of competitive product keywords

 Efficient reverse search of Amazon keywords, sharing four methods of Amazon sellers query of competitive product keywords

Standing on the shoulders of giants, you will see further. Therefore, querying competitive keywords is a magic tool to help Amazon operate more efficiently, accurately and easily.

However, there are a lot of Amazon keyword reverse search tools on the market, and the quality is uneven. Which one is better?

Today, to recommend four key words anti search tools!

1. Seller Knight

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The seller Knights competitive product flow word query function, the seller only needs to enter the competing product asin through one step query to obtain the accurate flow word of competitive product, and quickly unlock the competitive product flow entry!

How to use it is very simple!

Step 1: select the corresponding site and input the competitive product asin into the search box, and click query

The second step: 1 second to get the keyword search results

u2461 Other variants of the current competition information

u2463 Click high frequency collocation words, the seller Knight will automatically generate high frequency word report, with semantic analysis, super worry free!!! More exciting is that the query results support export!

2. Amazon ABA data

Link portal: Amazon backstage

However, Amazon ABA data is only available for brand seller 2.0 sellers. Non brand sellers cant view it and can only rely on third-party service providers.

The top keyword research and analysis function of seller knight is also recommended to capture Amazon ABA data in the past two years. With more than 2 million data accumulated, it is open to Amazon sellers for free.

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Sonar is a keyword query website of sellics, a famous website data analysis website. It is open to all Amazon sellers free of charge and provides keyword results download. By inputting keywords, we can expand many phrases related to it, clearly show the search volume and high-frequency words, and also check the competitors asin to know the hot words of competitive products.

As for the accuracy of key words!

4. Key words research outsourcing

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The famous crowdsourcing website, which gathers more than a few freelancers, is one of the essential artifacts for foreign trade people!

To query the keywords of competitive products, you only need to tell the other party the following information:

u00b7Three key words about products

u00b7Listing or asin, your main competitive product

After the other party completes the task, pay by PayPal. The cost of this method is also relatively high.