Please refrigerators Qi Weis refrigerator makes he Jiong envious. X10 health cabin refrigerator: I dont envy!

 Please refrigerators Qi Weis refrigerator makes he Jiong envious. X10 health cabin refrigerator: I dont envy!

Lets see what the stars have sent to Qi Wei. Mr. Huang Lei sent several bottles of drinks. It seems that the words of Nanchang University are pasted on them. Its said that they cant be found on Taobao. Mr. Ma Dong sent Thai style winter Yin Gong Ramen; Xie Jiajian sent coral grass capsules for beauty and beauty; Mr. ChunZi sent such valuable supplements as Morchella, Dictyophora, and mushroom; Li Yifeng sent his hometown specialty: Sichuan sausage... I cant count it! No wonder teacher he is jealous.

Stars are really good at eating. The refrigerator full of expensive food materials is not comparable to ours, but her refrigerator is similar to that of our home refrigerator: the ingredients in the refrigerator, whether they are daily or more valuable, what needs to be eaten in the short term or can be stored for a long time, are not classified and mixed together.

The cleverness of tclx10 health cabin refrigerator is that it can provide the key factors of food material storage, such as temperature and humidity, which have been ignored for a long time. It has four exclusive cabins, each of which is customized for different types of food materials, locking the nutrition and freshness of each kind of food.

Tclx10 refrigerator can not only keep food nutrition, but also has higher requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables storage environment. The refrigerator of tclx10 health cabin is equipped with a plasma generator, which releases positive and negative ions at a rate of about 100 million per second, fully penetrates the cell wall and inactivates the bacteria. It actively takes care of the storage space in the refrigerator and achieves 99.99% purification and sterilization rate. Fruits and vegetables that are commonly used at home can be placed in this area, so that the food materials can be detoxified before eating One mouthful is delicious and pure.

As we all know, meat in the refrigerator for a long time will have a taste of firewood, dry and astringent situation, and to avoid this situation, we need a refrigerator with lower and faster refrigeration effect to quickly freeze meat cells and let the temperature of cells quickly pass through the ice crystal belt. That is to say: the refrigeration effect of refrigerator directly affects the degree of preservation of food. The tclx10 health care module refrigerator is equipped with the first blue dot cabin technology. It has all metal drawers made of phase change superconductive heat transfer materials. In addition, 5D embraces multi-dimensional air outlet. It can quickly improve the refrigeration efficiency and retain the original fresh taste of meat to the maximum extent.

Tclx10 health care cabin refrigerator can not only keep the original flavor of food materials, but also be regarded as a artwork in the kitchen. Its panel is made of rocks from Etna volcano in northern Sicily. The combination of nature and technology makes its appearance clear in texture and rich in layers. Inside, it uses a dark gray antibacterial liner, which is low-key and practical. At the same time, it is equipped with a prism display control, which reflects the charming sense of technology and art. The combination of various elements makes the whole noble and generous. Placing tclx10 health care cabin in the kitchen can show the exquisite attitude towards life!