US side says Chinas missile test in the South China Sea threatens peace in the South China Sea

 US side says Chinas missile test in the South China Sea threatens peace in the South China Sea

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The Pentagon rarely publishes the video of US aircraft flying over the South China Sea, China issues a warning! (source: ~)

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Taiwan media: the PLA launched two missiles from Qinghai and Zhejiang toward the south to warn the United States

On Tuesday, the US U-2 high altitude surveillance aircraft broke into the North Chinas North China theaters live ammunition exercises and no fly zone activities. The Chinese mainlands defense ministry protested that the United States was provocative. Yesterday, the PLA conducted an anti-ship ballistic missile test in the South China Sea, and the US military sent out reconnaissance planes to carry out investigation and search.

The report pointed out that the PLA launched Dongfeng 26b and Dongfeng 21d missiles to warn the United States. The two missiles were launched from Qinghai and Zhejiang, facing the sea between Hainan and Paracel Islands.

Previously, Hainan maritime administration announced that military training would be conducted in the southeast of Hainan Island from 24 to 29, and both missiles fell into the no navigation zone.

Nanhua Morning Post quoted the source as saying that this is a response to the recent US investigation action against mainland China. It also deterred others from trying to intervene in the dispute in the South China Sea by firing tests, and did not want the neighbouring countries to misunderstand Beijings intentions.

Song Zhongping, a military commentator in Hongkong, believes that this is a clear message to the United States that even the US ships can not show all strength on the mainland of China.

The Ministry of foreign affairs responded to the US demonstrations in many places, and China refuted the test missile threat to the South China Sea