Imagine the audio-visual feast cool open p70 to create a new way of home screen viewing

 Imagine the audio-visual feast cool open p70 to create a new way of home screen viewing

In order to achieve the effect of immersive, large screen size, high screen proportion, film level color display and the brightness of family scene viewing are essential elements. The p7065 inch screen of Kukai can provide users with a large viewing field of vision. With the proportion of 98.6% of the front screen, it brings the purest large screen viewing experience.

Kukai p70 is equipped with coo-vision super image quality engine to process images from the five dimensions of contrast, clarity, color, motion and noise reduction, so as to improve the overall appearance of the picture. At the same time, the intelligent zoning light control technology is adopted. Each partition can adjust the brightness in real time, and each picture can be decomposed into 5184 pictures in real time. With the 4096 level backlight adjustment, the brightness and shade of each area of the screen can be precisely controlled, and the definition and contrast can be greatly improved. Every inch of color is amazing, and the fleeting movie lens is highly restored. In addition, the p70 also has the industrys advanced ultra clear image processing technology, RGB color calibration technology and MEMC motion compensation, which can accurately restore the color of the picture, ensure that every detail is clearly visible, and output the ultimate viewing experience.

But the experience feeling has put forward the higher request to the television sound system. P70 master level JBL professional adjustment, bring the quality of super bass. In addition, Dolby panoramic sound is provided as standard, and a packaged stereo sound field is created from the technical point of view, so that every user can sit at home and experience the audio-visual experience at the cinema level. When watching Iron Man in the cinema, everyone must be shocked by Tony Starks transformation moment. When watching the movie on the big screen of Kukai p70, the film can also be perfectly restored in sound and painting, so that users can experience the beauty of industry and hard core displayed by iron man. With the rich film resources of Kukai system, manwei universe series, Harry Potter series, avatar and many other classic blockbusters can be perfectly presented in the process of users large screen viewing.

In addition to audio-visual advantages, anti blue light is also one of the advantages of cool open P70. In our daily life, computers, mobile phones, ordinary TV and other electronic screens will release high-energy short wave blue light, causing irreversible damage to the eyes. Especially for families with children, it is more important to protect their eyes and avoid the visual discomfort caused by long-term film watching. Different from the products on the market, the blue light prevention technology of Kukai p70 is based on the spectral translation method, which translates the harmful high-energy short wave blue light into the harmless long wave blue light, so as to minimize the damage to the eyes caused by blue light on the basis of ensuring the image quality of no color deviation. This optical blue light prevention technology is certified by the German authoritative testing organization t? V (German Rhine), and the harmful blue light filtering degree reaches more than 72%, which can fundamentally prevent blue light and protect eyes. Some products on the market are software anti blue light, and the screen will turn yellow after opening, which will affect the users experience of large screen viewing.