Xiaomi shares rose another 10percent on Friday and have doubled this year

 Xiaomi shares rose another 10percent on Friday and have doubled this year

On the same day, surging news reporters learned from Xiaomi that Xiaomi will officially mass produce a smartphone equipped with the third generation of off screen camera next year.

Xiaomi said that its third-generation off screen camera technology scheme can well hide the front camera under the screen without affecting the display effect of the whole screen, without the visual hindrance of digging holes and water droplets, so as to make the perfect full screen form a reality.

We have established ourselves in the 5g smartphone market, and at the same time we have entered the high-end smartphone market. Xiaomi group president Wang Xiang said in a media conference call after the release of the financial report.

In the second quarter of this year, millet revenue reached 53.5 billion yuan, up 3.1% year-on-year and 7.7% month on month (compared with the previous quarter); the adjusted net profit was 3.4 billion yuan, down 7.2% year-on-year, but increased by 46.6% month on month.

At present, nearly half of Xiaomis income comes from overseas market, and the second quarter is the peak of overseas epidemic outbreak. However, with the gradual lifting of restrictions on commercial activities in various regions of the world, in July 2020, the daily average number of smart phones activated by Xiaomi in overseas markets has exceeded the level before the epidemic in January 2020.

Pacific Securities analyst Chen Tianjiao said in the research paper released on August 26 that, reviewing the overall performance of Xiaomi mobile phone business in the first half of the year, the company has performed well in many aspects: 1. It has gradually stabilized in the middle and high-end market, and has made outstanding achievements from Xiaomi 10 at the beginning of the year to Xiaomi 10s supreme commemorative edition released on August 11, which has gradually promoted the companys ASP to rise, and its flagship in Jingdong 618, redmik3 0pro and Xiaomi 10 are the top two in sales of 5g mobile phones on Jingdong platform. In terms of overseas market, the shipment volume of Q2 high-end mobile phones priced at more than 300 Europe increased by 99% year-on-year; 2. The share of European market accelerated, which paved the way for the rapid growth of overseas Internet business in the future.

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