Tiktok American employee: the CEO is very cautious. Im worried about losing my job in September

 Tiktok American employee: the CEO is very cautious. Im worried about losing my job in September

Colleagues told him that many employees had just learned of the news. In his communication with employees, Daniel found that a small number of employees felt betrayed about the CEOs resignation, and some employees thought it was inevitable. However, most employees understood Mayers decision.

As far as Daniel is concerned, he thinks that Mayers departure is because he will be in a dilemma between his country and his job. Therefore, it is better to take advantage of the uncertain outcome and leave quickly.

Mayers joining tiktok has made Daniel and his staff happy. Daniel said, Mayers joining tiktok can be said to be a high-profile, many employees know him, he is Disneys Chief Strategic Officer, during the launch of Disneys streaming media service Disney +, and the media reports that he is also very tough on government relations, which makes us full of expectations for the future of the company.

But Daniel admits that, like most of the companys employees, he is more concerned about his own future than about Mayers departure and where the company is spending. September 15 is coming, and we are more concerned about whether we will be laid off.

This issue has also become one of the most concerned issues of the staff in the tiktok staff meeting yesterday. From the beginning of the grim situation, our ordinary employees did not get more information from the top, a lot of information was learned through the media. Daniel said the staff meeting was the first time that senior management had a dialogue with employees.

In Daniels eyes, his previous work in tiktok was happy and proud. Whenever tiktoks download volume became the first in a certain region and was loved by more people, he felt that he was doing a great career.

When Im asked what I do in a bar, Ill be very happy. Im a tiktok employee. Daniel said.

But with tiktok struggling in the US, Daniel and his employees have not been comfortable lately. His mood has also developed from the initial anger, anxiety and anxiety to the present numbness.

We are like boats in the sea, unable to resist the rough waves. Daniel said helplessly.

Daniels all staff meeting refers to an online meeting held by tiktok with thousands of American and European employees on Thursday local time. At the meeting, tiktok assured the employees that there would still be work and promised to make a clearer explanation on the future development of the application in the near future.

The online meeting came after the unexpected resignation of tiktoks chief executive, Kevin Mayer. It is understood that many employees, like Daniel, were still sleeping when Mayer issued an open letter later on Wednesday, but many of them were woken up by news reports or heard about it at morning meetings.

During the hour long meeting, employees threw a string of questions to Vanessa Pappas, tiktoks interim chief executive, Erich Andersen, general counsel, and Blake Chandlee, vice president of global business solutions.

Wal Mart executives confirmed that they will report more about the companys business in the United States in a few weeks. In order to reassure employees, the company has advanced the meeting time by several hours.

Executives also answered questions about Mayers departure and whether the decision was made jointly, a person familiar with the matter said. They used a calm and optimistic tone to tell employees not to worry about their salary and position, and not to let the incident affect the daily operation of the company.

It is reported that papas has been browsing posts on the intranet, responding to employees concerns, hoping to stop any unconfirmed rumors.

In the past 24 hours, news about tiktoks future fate has been frequent.

Kevin Mayer, the Global CEO of tiktok, resigned in an email yesterday morning (US time evening), less than three months after the Global CEO officially joined byte hop.

Then byte skipping confirmed the news of Mayers departure, and appointed Vanessa papas, general manager of tiktok in the United States, to replace Mayer as the interim director.

In the evening, tiktok is likely to reach a sale deal with Microsoft within the next 48 hours, according to CNBC, quoted by global network.

At this time, Wal Mart jumped out and announced that it had stepped in and joined hands with Microsoft to bid for tiktoks business in the United States.

Earlier, Wal Mart confirmed that it was in a joint bid with Microsoft for tiktok. We believe that the potential relationship with Microsoft with tiktok USA is expected to add this key feature and provide Wal mart with an important way to reach and serve Omni channel customers and develop our third-party market and advertising business, Wal Mart said in a statement

This week, a person familiar with the matter said that the bid for the acquisition of Tik byte in the United States may have been reached. Microsoft will bid with Wal Mart, which will also hold a stake in tiktok and help tiktok expand its e-commerce business.

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Tiktoks Day:

[within three months after taking office, tiktok CEO Kevin Mayer announced his resignation

Kevin Mayer, tiktoks CEO, has stepped down from the byte. After Kevin Mayer took over tiktok, tiktok was successively confronted with executive orders from the Indian government and the United States government. This may be the direct cause of his resignation. In recent weeks, as the political environment has changed dramatically, I have had a major rethinking of how the structure of the business needs to change in the future, and what this means for the global role I have signed up for, he said in an internal staff letter. In this context, and since we expect to reach a solution soon, I have a heavy heart to let you know that I have decided to leave the company.

I understand that as the U.S. government moves to push tiktok to sell its U.S. business, the positions Im signing up for will look very different, including running tiktoks global business, Mayer added

In addition, Mayer wrote in the letter that the future of the company is very bright, which is beyond doubt. Choosing to leave has nothing to do with the company, its prospects and its vision.

[Zhang Yiming: we are looking for a solution to the tiktok problem, which is inconvenient to say at present

Kevin had a conversation with me, and I fully understand that the final outcome of this matter, no matter what, may have a significant impact on his work because of the different circumstances we are in, Zhang said

[Oracle offers us $20 billion in stock and cash to acquire tiktok

The wrap, citing people familiar with the matter, said the proposed deal would include $10 billion in cash and $10 billion in Oracle stock, and that 50 percent of tiktoks annual profit would be returned in bytes within two years.

The wrap said representatives of tiktok and Oracle declined to comment.

[foreign media: tiktok may be sold to Microsoft in the next 48 hours

Kevin Mayer, tiktoks chief executive, resigned after being excluded from the companys deal negotiations with Microsoft and Oracle, according to a source. In addition, several sources told CNBC that Mayers resignation indicated that tiktok was likely to conclude a sale deal with Microsoft within the next 48 hours.

[foreign media: Wal Mart confirms that it will cooperate with Microsoft to acquire tiktok

According to reports, Wal Mart said the way tiktok integrates e-commerce and advertising functions in other markets is beneficial to creators and users in those markets.

We are very confident that Wal Marts partnership with Microsoft will meet the expectations of tiktok users in the United States, and will also meet the concerns of US government regulators. Wal Mart said.

[tiktok held a full staff meeting to reassure employees: dont worry about salary and position

Tiktok, the short video app, held an online meeting with thousands of employees in the United States and Europe on Thursday local time to assure employees that there will still be jobs, and promised to give a clearer explanation of the future development of the app soon, people familiar with the matter said.

The online meeting came after Kevin Mayer, tiktoks chief executive, resigned unexpectedly. Mayer, a longtime executive at Walt Disney Co., announced his departure only three months after taking charge of tiktok. In a letter to employees on Wednesday, Mayer referred to the trump administrations request for tiktok to sell its U.S. operations using byte hopping, the parent company. Many of the employees were still asleep when Mayer issued an open letter later on Wednesday, but many of them were woken up by news reports or heard about it at morning meetings.