Ma Yili: the mission of an egg is not to become a fertilized egg. The value of a woman is to be yourself

 Ma Yili: the mission of an egg is not to become a fertilized egg. The value of a woman is to be yourself


In the program women 30 +, Ma Yili talked about once thinking that pregnancy was a very important thing. But after watching broken eggs, I understand that the ultimate mission of an egg is not to become a fertilized egg, it can be just an egg. The value of women living in society is not to be a mother, but to be herself! This is not a double standard of Ma Yili. Is it important for a woman to get pregnant? Ask yourself, of course. Therefore, we should be more careful to protect ourselves and the children in our stomachs, because we need to have a reverence for life. However, if you just regard pregnancy as a way of inheriting the family. Well, this is indeed the biggest humiliation to oneself; it is also the biggest misunderstanding of love and marriage.


Before, some netizens said that Yang Liping has no child, no woman has failed. At that time, the network has been widely discussed. What is a real winner in life? There are sons and daughters, marriage and husband must be happy? Not necessarily. On the other hand, childlessness is also a lifestyle of personal choice. We respect everyones will, other peoples lives - youre not qualified to dictate. Other peoples life, you are just a bystander, just a passer-by. It has nothing to do with you whether others are happy or not. Son is not a fish, how to know the joy of fish? Its ridiculous to judge others by your own standards. who are you? What is self orientation? If you dont know peoples wisdom, please know yourself.


In just thirty, Gu Jia tells Zhong Xiaoqin, when I was in confinement, Gu Jia had already died. It was Xu Ziyans mother who survived.


The ultimate mission of an egg is not to be a fertilized egg, nor is a womans ultimate mission just to have children. (Wen / Piaoyu Tong) but how can you be yourself? This is not just a talk. You have to pay a lot to realize this female value. You want to make yourself more perfect and better, the time that other people use to eat, drink and have fun, and you should use it to increase your self value. Just for this, you should calm down and study hard. But the outside world is too wonderful, the outside world is too much temptation. Rebirth from cocoon, the nirvana ahead needs to suffer. Then, the right time, the right place, the right people, and the absence of both. Then we must understand: but do good, do not ask the future. You are your best self.

Its a long way for women to realize their value. Lets go up and down and ask for it!