Aipark love parking completed hundreds of millions of Yuan C + round financing, and the development of the enterprise was accelerated again

 Aipark love parking completed hundreds of millions of Yuan C + round financing, and the development of the enterprise was accelerated again

In the intelligent parking scene, aipark parking is the pioneer of high-level video recognition technology applied in the field of urban intelligent parking and static traffic order management, and is also the largest enterprise with the application scale of artificial intelligence in urban traffic scene. Aipark love parking creates the front-end unmanned management and contactless service for the city through the Ai + IOT + DT technology, and the back-end series products of cloud collaboration, integration of intelligence and automation, so as to promote the fine management and data process of roadside parking.

Previously, peoples daily, Xinhua and other media have also reported that the scene of roadside parking management is complex, which puts forward higher requirements for technical ability. Aipark parking management technology has withstood the test of large-scale urban application. The accuracy rate of high-level video is significantly better than other modes, with higher coverage rate of parking spaces and stronger expansion and application ability. It can also take into account the comprehensive traffic management, key public security prevention and control, and municipal comprehensive management.

In terms of product development path, aipark loves parking to implement the product business strategy of building walls with high scenes, deepening connection and re extending value. After aiparkcity city level intelligent parking management platform, aiparkskyeye high video parking management intelligent hardware series products, aiparkcommander static traffic order management (illegal parking) system, aiparkcity charge city level parking charging integrated platform and other products, Aipark love parking is expanding more imaginative products and services around license plate, model, driver, scene and data.

The founder of AIK / topar pointed out that AIK is the business model of AIBC. This is a highly difficult action. Love parking must create value for users with core technology and bring good experience for users. Adhering to the idea of long-term doctrine, aipark loves parking to create a smart parking operation and service platform for more than 400 million drivers, a high-frequency connection platform for the post market value ecology of more than one trillion automobiles, and a trading and operating platform for the asset value of more than one trillion berths. Starting from the city level roadside parking scene and connecting with the C-end value-added service, aipark has formed a long tail closed-loop and constructed a unique business model. Constantly breaking through technical barriers, adhering to the mission of better city life, love parking is creating a better travel, life and service ecology.

At present, as an important livelihood project, smart parking is an important part of the national new infrastructure construction. Aipark love parking artificial intelligence technology in the application of intelligent parking vertical field, to solve the city parking difficult, parking disorder, governance difficult, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency, at the same time, is helping urban managers to cope with the challenges of urbanization process, achieve scientific decision-making, fine management, rapid response, improve urban competitiveness, and create new demand and growth points for the city. In the future, urban intelligent parking will become the entrance of various applications and services, providing important technical and data support for automatic driving, vehicle road coordination, intelligent network connection, etc. The development of 5g makes up for the short board that restricts the information transmission, connection scale and communication quality of artificial intelligence and big data. Smart parking will show greater value.

Bank of Communications International

In order to better connect with the integration development of the Yangtze River Delta and the construction of the science and technology innovation board, and improve the efficiency of serving the real economy, in April 2019, BOCOM international initiated the establishment of BOCOM science and technology innovation equity investment fund in Shanghai, becoming Chinas first bank system science and innovation equity investment fund. As the fund manager, BOCOM international gathers the resources of BOCOM group and provides full life cycle financial services of investment + loan + listing sponsor + M & A financing + wealth management for high-quality scientific and technological innovation enterprises with independent and excellent investment and research ability. Up to now, BOCOM science and technology innovation fund has completed equity investment in yuntianlifei, tianguangshi medicine, xukanggene and other enterprises. Three of them plan to apply for listing on the science and technology innovation board in the near future, set up regional sub funds in Nanjing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Qingdao and other places to expand the scale, and cooperate with industrial dragon heads to set up specific industry theme funds, which will add new momentum to the high-quality development of science and technology innovation enterprises.

58 industry fund

58 industry fund is an investment institution of 58 group, a provider of life services in all fields. Since its establishment in 2018, 58 industry fund has been actively looking for investment opportunities in new services, education and training, and scientific and technological innovation, and hopes to work with the best entrepreneurial team to jointly promote the upgrading and development process of quality of life.

Based on 58 groups business layout and profound industry experience, 58 industry fund is committed to building a better life service ecology with capital and industry resources.

Hunan Caixin fund