The battle of power reveals the secret of Edisons subversion

 The battle of power reveals the secret of Edisons subversion

Battle of power features (source: Netease Entertainment)

In the special edition, the main creator respectively expounds his understanding of the works from various angles, such as the power war, the background of the characters, and the historical significance. The youngest Dutch brother even said, I dont know what happened in this period of history. We didnt have electric lights after we had ships and trains. In such an advanced era, we couldnt turn on a light switch. Its really amazing People are surprised. Nowadays, when smart home is almost mature, life is full of ease and convenience. However, we seldom think about how people live in the era without these tools. We cant imagine how many efforts and struggles have been made by inventive genius to invent and create these world wonders.

When talking about Edison, as his right-hand assistant and best friend, Dutch brother said he was a special contradiction: he is a crazy genius, so broad-minded, but his mind is so stubborn and narrow-minded. And juan Fu also revealed the unknown side of Edison, and explained the reason why Edison was stubborn. He had been robbed of inventions and patents by capital. It was these miserable and betrayed past that made Edison unable to trust the cooperative invention of mutual benefit and win-win, and directly ignited the power war. The creators also said that in fact, Westinghouse did not want to become antagonistic with Edison, but it was Edisons obstinacy that led to the war of the century. It can be said that Edisons biggest enemy is himself. And juan Fu also believes that if they could cooperate, maybe they could have achieved a greater cause.

Underestimated genius Tesla inspires the world to lead superheroes into a new era

The story of the battle of electricity is very legendary. The emergence of Edison is of epoch-making significance for the development of modern material civilization. It is also expected that there will be many Hollywood super popular actors and Actresses: Dr. strange juan Fu will play the role of genius invention maniac Edison after reading the biography, and the Dutch brother spider man will stick to the camp and play science New star InSAR and general Zod Michael Shannon cross-border in the role of business tycoon Westinghouse, X-Men beast handsome into power genius Tesla. Dr. strange leads the superhero team to work hard to recreate this cross era power confrontation.

It is reported that the battle of power is hot today, and Dr. strange leads little spider to open the summit of power genius, and recreates the hundred year old enmity between Edison and Tesla with general Zod and X-Men beast.

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