Nolans classic Inception opens on the air

 Nolans classic Inception opens on the air

Ten years of dream of theft

In 2010, inception appeared on the screen for the first time. The unique setting of dream in dream and the visual spectacle of bombing eyeball were regarded as masterpieces by many movie fans for a time. In 2020, ten years later, people are still talking about the top of dreams and analyzing the mystery of multiple dreams. After ten years of dream stealing, high score masterpieces have always dominated the list: winning four Oscars, IMDB 8.8 points, ranking 13th in the list, Douban 9.3 points and top250 ranking ninth Numerous awards, unlimited scenery, word-of-mouth myth nearly perfect. In the past ten years, Chang Xin, the cross era classic, is still impressive. The audience is amazed by the director Nolans subversive imagination, and sighs that no one has been able to surpass him in the past ten years.

Brain burning classic screen revisits details

For ten years, not only fans and fans, but also the creators have been arguing about the details of the film. Michael Kane, one of the stars of inception, once publicly said that Cobb, the hero, was not in a dream. If my role was there, it would be reality, because I had never been in a dream. Im the one who invented the dream. However, just as a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets in their minds, everyone has their own understanding of this open-ended ending. Director Nolan, with his unique non-linear narrative technique, cuts the plot into dream fragments, which are nested layer by layer and superimposed on each other. Finally, it presents a colorful color beyond the reality, which makes the audiences brain run rapidly with the story, and then achieves an unprecedented intracranial climax after completing all the dream jigsaw The process of dreaming is far more exciting than the ending, which is the charm of Chang Xin in inception. On August 28th, once again, you have a Gods perspective. This time, you can focus more on exploring details, and you may accidentally unlock more mystery of dreams and gyroscopes.

Magnificent dream dominates the film industry

Inception creates an unprecedented multiple magnificent dreams, layers of nested dream in the dream world. When the dreamer thinks about it, the bridge is built on the ground, Paris is reversed, and the world around is full of mirrors, but it is fragmented in the light of touch All the wonders that I didnt dare to think about appeared one after another on the screen, bombing the eyeballs in turn and detonating the imagination. Whats more shocking is that some of these amazing spectacles were actually shot by director Nolan. For example, in order to shoot a fierce fight in the zero gravity corridor, the crew really built a 360 degree rotating corridor like a drum washing machine. For example, the locomotive rushed up the street and shuttled through the traffic, which was not a special effect in the later stage Such a grand and spectacular dream, only in inception, after a decade of dominating the film industry, no one came. The best way to appreciate this kind of screen spectacle is to walk into the cinema, select the largest screen, and then accept the shock baptism!

Epic production, real shock

After its release ten years ago, inception not only won box office and word-of-mouth, but also swept all the major awards. It was shortlisted for the 2011 Academy Awards with eight nominations, and finally won four awards including best photography, best visual effect, best mix and best sound editing. The outstanding achievements depend on the epic production of the film. The film has been filmed in six countries. The crew has experienced all kinds of difficulties, from the heavy rain to the scorching sun, and then to the combination of wind and snow, and completed the extraordinary real shooting challenges. Because director Nolan firmly believes that the actors can present the most realistic performance when they are in the real shooting scene, and this will bring the most shocking impact to the audience. Therefore, Nolan takes the actors up the mountain into the sea and uses the camera to capture their figures all the way. Hard shooting eventually creates an extraordinary feeling of being on the scene. With Hans Zimmers incredible soundtrack for the film, everyone will have the most enjoyable experience in the cinema.

The golden lineup is unparalleled in the world

Its really exciting to see the cast of inception after ten years: Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Michael Kane, Tom Hardy, the actor of poison, who finally holds the little golden man, is the Oscar winner, Marion Cotillard, Michael Kane, the actor of Nolan, and Tom Hardy, who is crazy with poison, is really exciting Serge Gordon Levitt and Alan page, Japanese actors who are very familiar with Chinese audiences, Watanabe Inception has gathered too many outstanding actors with both acting skills and appearance value. Over the past ten years, they have proved that this gold lineup has successfully appreciated.

Time and Space Relay new work creed

On the 10th anniversary of inception, remaking this classic is not only a carnival of Inception decade, but also the best way to welcome Nolans latest masterpiece. In 2020, director Nolan launched the latest original science fiction action spectacle blockbuster creed, which will be launched on the big screen in mainland China on September 4. Compared with the multiple dreams of inception and the five-dimensional space of Star Trek, Nolan will expand the screen time play in creed this time. He will use time as a weapon to reverse space-time to fight and save the world. Unprecedented laws of time and space will surpass previous grand productions and recreate amazing action wonders! With the re screening of Star Trek and Inception, the new film creed follows closely.

Inception, a science fiction blockbuster produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Christopher Nolan, made its debut in theaters across the country today.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020