Xi Jinpings one principle runs through it all.

 Xi Jinpings one principle runs through it all.

This flag giving ceremony is of great milestone significance for promoting the revolutionary, standardized, professional and professional construction of the peoples police force in the new era. General secretary Xi Jinpings speech contains a firm political stand, sincere feelings for the people, a clear spirit of rule of law and a strict demand for police management. It further points out the direction and provides a fundamental basis for the development of public security teams in the new era.

Since the eighteen Partys Congress, Xi Jinping has made many demands on the peoples police force on many occasions, and is always concerned about this team that sacrifice the most and dedicate the most in peacetime.

The four points are consistent

At the flag raising ceremony, Xi Jinping gave 4 points for his precepts: loyal to the party, serving the people, fair law enforcement and strict discipline.

This is not the first time Xi Jinping stressed the above requirements.

On May 19, 2017, the national public security system hero model meritorious service collective commendation conference was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. At the meeting, Xi Jinping stressed that the national public security organs and public security contingent should adhere to the leadership of the party in public security work, firmly establish the Four Consciousnesses, adhere to the peoples public security for the people, and comprehensively strengthen regularization, professionalization and occupation construction, and be loyal to the party, serve the people, uphold justice and discipline.

From May 7 to 8, 2019, the national public security work conference was held in Beijing. Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He pointed out that we should ensure that the public security work is firm and correct in political orientation, persist in reform and innovation, and adhere to the overall requirements of strict control of the party and the police. In accordance with the general requirements of the partys loyalty, serving the people, impartial enforcement of law and strict discipline, we should forge a high quality and strong police team with the heart of the Party Central Committee and the peoples satisfaction.

Why do Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasize these sixteen words?

Loyalty to the party - firm ideals and beliefs are the political soul of the political and legal team. Red, is the main color of the Chinese peoples police flag, but also the color of loyalty. Loyalty to the party and obedience to the partys command are the political genes passed down from generation to generation. In the new era, the peoples police force should adhere to the partys absolute leadership, enhance the Four Consciousness, strengthen the four self-confidence, achieve the two maintenance, and ensure absolute loyalty, absolute purity and absolute reliability.

Serving the people - the question of why is a fundamental issue, a matter of principle. The word people in front of the public security organs is the foundation of police establishment. In the first half of this year, more than 100 police officers died on duty in the work of epidemic prevention and control and maintenance of security and stability. They used their lives to explain what peoples police means. For a long time, the public security organs and the public security police of the whole country have kept in mind the purpose and loyal mission, centering on the center and serving the overall situation, and have made great contributions to national security, social stability and peoples happiness.

Justice in law enforcement: fairness and justice is the lifeline of political and legal work. Public security law enforcement work is large and wide, which is closely related to the life of the common people. In the new era, the impartiality of law enforcement has risen to a new height, condensing the ardent expectation of general secretary Xi Jinping to the broad masses of the public security police. Xi Jinping stressed that we should seize the key links, improve the operation mechanism of law enforcement power and the system of supervision and control, and strive to enable people to feel fair and just in handling every case and dealing with everything.

Strict discipline -- strict management of the police can not be relaxed for a moment. Without iron discipline, we can not forge a team of iron. Only when the political and legal organs dare to face inward, scrape bones and cure poison, and resolutely eliminate the black sheep, can political and legal organs build an iron army of strict discipline, standard behavior and fine style of work. Recently, the national public security organs have been carrying out the education and rectification of adhering to the political construction of the police and comprehensively and strictly administering the police. One of the goals is to further strengthen the discipline style.

Care and love

In the era of peace, the public security team is a team with the most sacrifice and dedication. There are no holidays and rest days. They are bleeding and sacrificing every day.

Among them, there are anti drug pioneers who walk through life and death in the front line of anti drug, and there are public security police who are brave enough to protect the safety of the masses. The peoples public security has forged a strong shield of the Republic with blood and loyalty.

Over the years, I have been deeply moved by the touching deeds of the public security police who have given up their lives and died. Whenever I hear the news that the police have gone through fire and water and died in the face of the test of blood and fire, life and death, I am deeply distressed. On May 19, 2017, when Xi Jinping met with the representative of the national commendation congress of heroes exemplary meritorious service of the national public security system, he pointed out that the loyalty, conviction and heroism embodied in the heroic models of the public security heroes are the true portrayal of the great spirit of the Chinese nation.

Xi Jinping expressed many thanks to the peoples police for this special team who sacrificed the most and gave the greatest contribution during the peace period. You have fulfilled the solemn promise of peoples public security for the people with practical action, carried forward the good faith and played an example role, worthy of being a loyal practitioner of the partys mass line, worthy of being a close friend of the masses, and the party and the people thank you. u201dIt is your hard work and bloody sacrifice that have brought peace and happiness to the masses of the people. You are worthy of being loyal guards of the party and the people, and the party and the people thank you. Usually, you come and go in the wind and rain, fight the severe cold and heat, and white plus black and five plus two. . In peacetime, the police officers and policemen are the most hardworking, tiring and sacrificing people. The party and the people thank you

At the same time, Xi Jinping pointed out that for this special team, special care should be given, political concern, support for work and treatment, and full implementation of preferential police measures. We should improve the honor system of the peoples police, strengthen the cultivation and publicity of advanced models, and enhance the sense of professional honor, pride and belonging of the police.

Recently, with the approval of the CPC Central Committee and the reply of the State Council, January 10 of each year will be established as the Chinese peoples Police Day from 2021.

Chinese peoples Police Day is a festival specially set up for the peoples police force at the national level. It is a full affirmation of the peoples Police Forces heroic struggle for the interests of the party and the people, but also an incentive and spur for the police to keep their mission in mind and forge ahead bravely.

In the great era, the peoples public security has a bright future.