The strange man sneaks into the womans house and pinches the other party, but also wants to have a relationship by force

 The strange man sneaks into the womans house and pinches the other party, but also wants to have a relationship by force

I usually have the habit of saving money in a savings bank. I have saved nearly 2000 yuan in large and small money. There is a hole under my own savings bank to take money. But this morning, the deposit box in my room did not open, and it was one size smaller than the one before me. Ms. Tao feels a little strange. Who has replaced her piggy bank?

After receiving the alarm from Ms. Tao, police officer Chu Jianjian of Fengqiao police station immediately transferred the monitoring nearby and investigated the shops around the apartment, but no effective clues were found. Who in the end entered Ms. Taos home and switched the piggy bank?

Who knows, a few days later, a more dangerous scene happened. What happened this time is Ms. Zhou, who lives in the same apartment.

At the police station, Ms. Zhou, who was still in a state of shock, told Chu Chuang about her experience. At 3 p.m. that day, Ms. Zhou returned from downtown to her single apartment in Fengqiao and found that the lock on her door fell off as soon as she touched it.

As soon as I entered the door, I found a man wearing my clothes. He grabbed me and grabbed me by the neck, trying to force him to have sex with me, Ms. Zhou added

Because of fear, Ms. Zhou did not dare to fight fiercely. However, she soon calmed down and tried to calm down the other partys emotions through verbal persuasion. Finally, the man relaxed his vigilance and began to chat with Ms. Zhou. The other party said that he owed a lot of money and didnt eat for many days.

The man bought a similar piggy bank.

Not long ago, the police will be the suspect Lin back to the police station.

After spending all the money in Ms. Taos piggy bank, Mr. Lin became suspicious again. He chose a lady who lived alone and wanted to take a chance at Ms. Zhous house. This was what happened above.

At present, Lin was punished by Zhuji Municipal Peoples court for theft and rape, and decided to carry out a fixed-term imprisonment of two years and nine months and a fine of 4000 yuan.

The police here also remind the majority of women living alone that when the door lock is damaged, they should be alert immediately and keep their guard heart. It is better not to enter the door rashly.

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Two men burst into the female guest area of the bath center! Guiyang women collapsed, but then the bath center also stopped

he other day

A woman takes a bath in a bath center

There was an accident

Two strange men

Went straight into the female guest area!!!

Its more than nine oclock in the evening of August 25

After receiving the alarm call

Grid police arrived at the scene

At this time, the woman and her family are standing in the hall of the bath center

The mood is very excited

Woman: its their responsibility. At the beginning, they said that they would not pay the bill. As a result, when I was going to leave, they didnt give me a free bill.

Zhao Guiqing, Patrol Special Police Brigade of Nanming branch of Guiyang Public Security Bureau:

At more than five oclock in the morning, he spent money in the water world bath center. Due to the dereliction of duty in the bath center, two male customers broke into the female guest area, and their privacy was seen by the man.

Woman: Im going to blow my hair and come out. As a result, two men came in and saw me all.

Police: female guest area, how can men go in?

Woman: they are not attended to.

Woman: they took me to the private room on their own initiative. I didnt want to go there. But he asked us to pay all the money today.

Zhao Guiqing, Patrol Special Police Brigade of Nanming branch of Guiyang Public Security Bureau: this female customer is quite emotional, because when she handled this matter yesterday, the bath center has promised to free the bill, and now she is asked to pay the bill.

Bath center staff: yesterday, she said that she would be free from the bill. Today, she is trying her best to spend. Take a look at the bill and bring five people. What is the relationship between these five people and this matter.

Bath center staff: since noon today, we spent 335 yuan. This is our responsibility, but it has nothing to do with her. We believe. But after she came back, she spent more than 200 yuan, which was not right.

Grid police: I said to you, you promised that people should be free, after the consumption of their own to pay the line. I just made it very clear. I dont think its interesting for you to go back here.

Staff: I cant go back on my word.

Staff: since I promised you, I will pay for all the expenses before.

(source: Guizhou Radio Station)

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