Extraordinary witness reveals the killers contribution to the most frightening villain of the year

 Extraordinary witness reveals the killers contribution to the most frightening villain of the year

Lao Xies barrel killing of the whole family has become a shadow

The truth will not be late. The two generations of police have been sticking to it for 20 years, and finally the case of little white pigeon has come to light. Because of his extreme desire for home, Lao Xie killed four people for 20 years, just to gather together his imaginary family and go home for reunion. There is a story in which Lao Xie walks into the basement, pastes a picture of the victim, burns a handful of hair, and smiles at his imaginary family. Many viewers said they were scared, scalp numbness, terror index 10 stars.

Lao Xie, known as the villain of the year, is also one of the most tragic villains. He has been looking for his family all his life, but he has been betrayed all his life. He has been abandoned by his own parents and worked hard by his adopted parents Even so, in the last moment of life, I still yearn for the warmth of home. The constant emphasis on home in extraordinary witness resonates with many people. Home is the destination of wandering and the hope in the heart. Director Yang Miao also said: home shapes us, and we need this sense of belonging.

Who dares to give the audience a preview of the murderer

Breaking away from the stereotype of the suspense drama, the true murderer of the 20-year-old case in the main line of extraordinary witness is known to the audience one step ahead of time, and the murderer clues of each unit case are also given to the audience in advance. This kind of creative experiment is only because the people in the lake behind the truth are the biggest attraction of the play. Original script, humanistic color and social reasoning, the complexity of extraordinary witness is not the case, but the people behind it. A full of complex characters, created the romantic River and lake in the night rain and fog, this story that everyone was trapped.

For this reason, the director specially chose Fengjie, a city full of strong sense of the river and lake, to unfold this picture of people in the river and lake. Because the fate of each person will be changed in a few days. When the truth comes, the unpredictable relationship between the characters and the trend of the story is particularly worrying, which is also the charm of the play. How each person trapped in the past, how to get rid of the fog and get out of his predicament is not only the characters in the play, but also the proposition we need to think about.

Extraordinary witness is the first original work of misty theater and the seventh work of arc alliance. Produced by iqiyi and CO produced by Wuyuan culture, the producer is Gong Yu, Wang Xiaohui is the chief producer, Dai Ying and Wang Donghui are the chief producers, directed by Yang Miao, starring Song Yang, yuan Wenkang, you Jingru and Jiao Gang, with Wang Longzheng and Du Zhiguo as special stars.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020