Japanese media said Abe plans to resign: old problem ulcerative colitis is worsening

 Japanese media said Abe plans to resign: old problem ulcerative colitis is worsening

Overseas network, August 28 (Xinhua) according to the Japanese Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported on the 28th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will resign as Prime Minister for fear that the deterioration of his physical condition will affect the handling of state affairs.

According to the report, Abe will hold a press conference on the evening of the 28th to personally explain the reasons for his resignation. Prior to this, Abe had two consecutive visits to the hospital for physical examination this month. Japanese media said that the inspection results showed that Abes old problem of ulcerative colitis was worsening, and Abe decided to resign as prime minister in order to avoid affecting national politics and other issues.

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Abes ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease. He went to Qingying university hospital twice on the 17th and 24th of this month, and the news about his poor health has never been stopped. On the 17th inspection, he once explained to reporters that in order to ensure health management, accepted the examination.. Within the Japanese government and the ruling party, there are different opinions on Abes health.

In December 2007, Abe, who became Prime Minister for the first time, announced his resignation because of the deterioration of his health. At that time, he did not find any signs, which surprised many media. Abe has been serving as Prime Minister for 2799 consecutive days as of May 24 local time, surpassing his grandfathers consecutive tenure of office, a new record.

Will the next Japanese prime minister after Abe appear among the five? (source: ~)

Japanese media said Taro Aso may take over the new president of the LDP, and his hot successors have these

If Abe resigns, the LDP urgently needs to elect its next president. The new presidents term will continue for the rest of Abes term, which is until the end of September 2021.

Shi bomao, a former LDP secretary, is regarded as a strong candidate for competition. Mr. Ishida, the head of the Political Consultative Conference, is also exploring the way to take office. In addition, Kan Yiwei, Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Taro Aso, Deputy Prime Minister and finance minister, are also candidates for the new president.

Shinzo Abe will remain in office until a new prime minister is appointed

Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister who has decided to resign, will remain in office until a new prime minister is appointed, Kyodo News Agency reported Thursday.

According to the Beijing News, Shinzo Abe was born on September 21, 1954 in Tokyo, Japan, and began to work in politics in November 1982. In September 2006, Abe, 52, was elected president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and later was elected Prime Minister of Japan, becoming the first postwar born and youngest prime minister in Japan. But a year later, Abe resigned as Prime Minister for personal health reasons.

Until September 2012, Abe was elected president of the LDP again, becoming the first former LDP president to return. In December, the LDP won the house election and Abe became prime minister again. Since then, Abe has been successively elected president of the LDP in 2015 and 2018, and his term of office will last until the end of September 2021.

5 years spread out 5 times hematemesis, physical examination a full 7 hours, Abe body what problem?

Two physical examinations were conducted in two months. The latest one lasted for 7.5 hours. In addition, rumors of hematemesis a few weeks ago and a series of abnormal signs caused rumors of Abes poor health to rise again.

Abe, 65, has never been a tough guy.

He has been suffering from colitis since the age of 17 and resigned due to illness just after the first term of office of prime minister in 2007 just one year later. In front of the camera, he often has a bad face, swollen face, sunken eyes and poor spirit. Running behind trump, who was nearly a year older, he could still fall. After a few days of continuous visits, he would secretly lament, once a person has passed the age of 60, his body is often unable to bear it..

In 2020, Abe is under pressure from repeated outbreaks, the postponement of the Olympic Games, the shrinking economy and the falling support rate. Now, his health has attracted worldwide attention.

Abe vomit blood?

On August 17, a dark motorcade stopped at the gate of Keio University Hospital in shinomimachi, Tokyo. Although the team has tried to keep a low profile, but the reporters who are waiting for a good time still photographed Shinzo Abe who is tired in the car.

Soon, people around Abe called for emergency fire fighting through Kyodo news agency

Its a routine physical examination. Theres no hospitalization plan.

However, such a slightly perfunctory explanation is not convincing. Japans Kyodo News Agency pointed out that Abe did have physical examination in this hospital every six months or so before, but the last examination was on June 13!

In fact, Abes health has always been a hot topic on Japanese twitter and the daily headlines of Japanese media.

Japans Asahi Shimbun previously reported that the prime ministers activity records showed that Shinzo Abe performed his official duties for 147 consecutive days from January 26 to June 20, 2020, and many people he met described as he looked very tired..

On August 4, the Japanese media flash released more frightening news: Abe coughed and vomited blood in the prime ministers official residence on July 6, and his face was swollen and black.

Just yesterday, Japans Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso also said that Abes body could collapse.

Although Abe has never responded to such news, his health has raised concerns.

In fact, from August 16 to today is Abes three-day long holiday, and this physical examination is also taking time out of your busy schedule for examination. And according to the person concerned, it is also to ensure that you can devote yourself to your work after a small and long holiday.

Abe, who broke his heart for Japan, is 65 years old this year. He can be called a model worker for his super long standby.

This morning, Japanese media reported that on the last rest day, Abe will spend quietly in his private house.. As for the results of his physical examination, the prime ministers residence did not introduce it.

It is reported that from tomorrow, Abe will continue to listen to reports on the new crown epidemic in his official residence.

Fight against health all year round

His physical condition has always been Abes soft spot.

As mentioned earlier, Abe has been suffering from colitis since he was 17 and has been suffering for nearly 50 years. In Japanese politics, he has a nickname prime minister who can run the toilet most..

After the resignation of the first elected prime minister, he was interviewed by the media:

The disease makes me feel like I need to rest my gut every 30 minutes. Sometimes I cant sleep all night

Whats more, once in a while, Im going to the bathroom more than 30 times a day. My wife, in tears, begged me to quit politics

Since then, Abes health has been a concern.

In September 2015, Wen Chun weekly revealed that Abe vomited blood in the bathroom in June of that year. Although the news has not been confirmed, but since then, news about Abes vomiting has been circulated for five rounds.

This is not the most explosive news yet. Also in 2015, Japans postal weekly said Abe suddenly changed the attending doctor from Hibi Jiwen to Gao Shiguan Jun.

As soon as the news came out, the public opinion immediately exploded because Gao Shiguan was a famous tumor expert in Japan. For a while, the news of Abes colitis is afraid of canceration is blatant on the dust.

In 2017, news about Abes health has made headlines again.

Since two days before Trumps visit, he has been practicing golf in Kanagawa county with the assistant officials and secretaries of the prime minister and ministers, which can be described as extraordinary efforts.

But embarrassingly, on the afternoon of the 5th, when he had a ball date with trump, Abe stumbled into the sand pit and tumbled over in confusion.

After that, Japanese medical doctor Mishan Gongqi speculated that there were a lot of steroids in the colitis treatment drugs that Abe had been taking. Its side effects were very strong and might even lead to psychiatric symptoms. At the same time, Mishan Gongqi also speculated that as Abe gets older, his cerebellar function may have decreased.

In the face of this scene, trump joked: you (ABE) are better than any gymnast.

Abe said trump praised me for being soft..

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Japanese media: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to resign. The reasons for Abes plan to resign are disclosed. Shinzo Abe plans to resign. Japanese media: Abe plans to resign