More terrible than cheating is a good man cheating

 More terrible than cheating is a good man cheating

More than 10000 answers showed its heat

The same question was raised by different people at different times, each of which was thousands of replies - a text message, a hair, a change in the co pilots seat, an unanswered phone call

Hes a good man, but hes cheating

The love between men and women has always been the favorite of screenwriters and directors, because there are thousands of kinds of emotional entanglement in the world, each of which may break peoples hearts.

Recently, a topic play, let Yu Yan sister play for a minute, because it is so different.

The protagonist of the story, Zhang Yi (Song Jia), is a famous architectural designer. He has a gentle husband Zhang Xin (Yu Entai) and a lovely daughter to smile.

My husband and I have been married for 10 years. Im not so tired, ha ha

Zhang Yi is the gold lettered signboard of the female bully general manager, the partner of the architects office, and the designer. He also has appearance and figure, and is the pillar of the familys income.

Mr. Zhang Xin, once an outstanding architectural designer, is now willing to go home to be a housewife man, washing and cooking with children.

In any case, its a perfect family template.

Yu Entai plays the role of Zhang Xin is a few warm men, considerate, gentle, love his wife and daughter.

A few simple pictures will tell you that this is a father holding his daughter in the palm of his hand

At that time, he was also an excellent architectural designer. He and his wife were praised as two pieces in the design field. However, he was willing to retire behind the scenes and become a full-time housewife. He took care of the children, prepared breakfast for the family every day, and cooked soup for his late wife.

For five years, Zhang Xin did not touch the design, but helped her daughter get the first prize in the cooking competition

Yu Entai has a warm mans temperament. The picture of him holding his daughter to sleep peacefully is warm and natural.

Is Zhang Xin, the best father, really cheating?

In order that his daughter could dress up as a woman and sing on the stage, he chatted with the teachers and the mothers in kindergarten. He almost took every minute to get into the play.

There are often various activities in kindergarten. It is obvious that Zhang Yi, as a participant and close to his daughter, looks more like a bystander

Surprisingly, Zhang Xin gathered his fans by sharing his parenting experience on Weibo, and began to do wechat business.

Fans call him Xinge one by one, just like a child care KOL.

The realization, entrepreneurship and wechat business make Yuyan feel like her side, and this drama is really advancing with the times

The arrangement of this detail is very meaningful

However, such a good man could have derailed?

Do you feel familiar with this?

You think Im cheating because youre paranoid. Youre paranoid because you dont love me enough.

Slag mans common tricks.

After that, sister Yuyan was caught by the play. Did such a good man cheat?

Compared with a bad mans infidelity - like the sea king in thirty, a fiancee in the East and a girlfriend in the west, Im more afraid of the infidelity of a warm man.

It shows deep feeling, practical affection, tolerance and indulgence, while the actual heart is always haggling and vindictive.

Such a good man is the poison that makes a woman sink in and cant tell the direction.

A bad mans infidelity may be a drama film, while a good mans cheating may be a suspense film, or even suspense + horror film.

It looks perfect, but the truth is more terrible.

In short, Zhang Xins heart is not so warm, even dark.

She has the best husband in the world, and her daughter has the best father in the world, but the man still cheated.

This poster is probably the best way to summarize the keynote of the whole play

Just three minutes after the opening of the first episode, Zhang Yi, as his wife, has already experienced being loved, admired, working and living together, and An ambiguous wechat.

Along with it, there was a changed password, hotel consumption tips, and intimate interaction between her husband and the opposite sex on Weibo, which made Zhang suspicious and tangled at first.

When Zhang got married, she gave up smoking, but when she began to feel anxious, she could not help but take out one and put it under her nose. A small action outlined her depression and confusion

She was eager to know who the junior was, so she would run out of the house in her pajamas.

Zhang Xin, who was doing wechat business behind his wife, was found.

Later, his friend Lao Li came forward and said that Zhang Xin and himself had prepared for a year and set up an early education center. The hotel consumption record is actually to accompany customers.

After a sigh of relief, Zhang Yi even took out his house and gave it to her husband as a mortgage loan for starting a business

I thought the storm was over, but then I found a womans figure in the video with my husband at night.

A female figure flashed by once again attracted Zhang Yis attention

But in the end, he found out that he was just a dance teacher who helped Zhang Xin shoot the wechat advertisement.

In order to express her apology for the misunderstanding, Zhang Xin also took out a pair of diamond earrings, which are said to have been bought specially for Zhang Yi, and put them on for her.

Its not half of the show. Its been reversed three times.

It seems that every misunderstanding, Zhang Xin really loves his wife.

I thought that the incident would stop. A shopping ticket left in the car from the hotel and supermarket appeared again, with a record of condom consumption on it.

After Zhang Yi seemingly inadvertently asked, he was only present on the day when the hotel consumption record was generated.

Zhang Xin lied again.

Then she ran into Zhang Xin and a woman kissing in the street.

The collapse of the adult world

To make matters worse, she was suspected to be cheating on the one hand, and her daughter who was neglected because of her work. The cynicism of kindergarten parents made her confused.

This kind of experience was shared by sister Yuyan when she held the parents meeting. All the mothers around her felt that a woman who worked so hard for her career was an alien

She was accused by kindergarten teachers of not accompanying her daughter enough.

She was accused of being the number one candidate on the junior list, Wen Wen, her daughters teacher.

Does this kind of accusation sound familiar to career moms?

The diamond earrings her husband claimed to have bought for herself turned out to be a gift for her diamond necklace.

Its buy one get one free.

Zhang Yi, she collapsed, she was in pain, but calm never far away, she restrained herself to maintain dignity

From the eyes, to biting fingers, to the outbreak of rapid convergence of emotions, do not want to frighten the child, a short moment of emotion in one go

When she met the picture of her husband kissing, she would cry in the car regardless of the image, but after crying, she immediately cleaned up her mood and began to think about solutions.

The inner monologue before the start of a feature film, I think, is the biggest highlight of the whole play, and also contributed a golden sentence that every woman should remember.

At the moment of being derailed, all women will fall into deep self doubt. However, the success of womens career has nothing to do with being derailed. When the other halfs heart is not there, all the accusations are excuses.

And Zhang Yi, it is in the investigation again and again whether Zhang Xin has derailed, to find the answer: his excellent is not the reason for a man to cheat.

And these, is the face of injury, their own tears to heal the strong, but also a kind of self-development.

When we saw later, we knew that sun Wenwen was not the main one behind the scenes

In front of a lot of bedding, to the end found that sun Wenwen is just a want to cash out of the heart of the girl.

When Zhang Xin cheated Zhang Yi into going to Thailand alone, Wen Wen announced her itinerary directly on her micro blog

The ring of marriage vow is shrouded in a cool and cool color

Sister Yuyan didnt expect that the real little three, who was really destroying Zhangs family in secret, was Yang Yan, who was also the victim of being cheated and had been comforting Zhang Yi with the image of intimate elder sister?!

Liu mintaos acting skills also let people into the play in minutes. In the first six episodes, sister Yuyan never doubted her. When the truth was revealed, I was really shocked.

Marriage can never be maintained by giving and forgiving.

It has to be said that Zhang Yis whole mental journey has a sense of substitution. Sister Yuyan cant sleep all night.

After watching the six episodes, whether Zhang Xin is cheating or not is no longer important to Yu Yan. What is important is that Zhang Yi takes us through this kind of cheating and self doubt, and suddenly understands that:

Find the truth of their own, still can understand love, let themselves grow.

Characters and pictures comparable to the big screen

The play is good-looking, not only the plot, but also the color of the whole TV series is intentionally covered with a gray blue color - cold and clear, which has the sense of seeing the Nordic literature and art film.

Every frame of the screen cut down, there is comparable to the exquisite screen.

And in the play, the director uses flashback from time to time to splice the pain and entanglement of the heroine Zhang Yi with the beautiful warmth in his memory.

All reality is blue, and memories are warm, the intersection of cold and warm can highlight the pain of the moment.

When you turn to the present, that is to say, the gray blue of unclear Tao is cold to the bone

The TV play is also very brilliant in its grasp of details. There is not a single shot or event that appears out of thin air.

The shopping list that Zhang Yi got in the car, when everyone was attracted by hotel consumption and condom consumption, later asked the heroine to find suspected junior Wenwen teacher according to the consumption of a pack of wipes (this foreshadowing is really clever, so that sister Yuyan has always regarded Wenwen as the real backstage person).

Dont lie to women!

A seemingly casual close-up of the face, but buried diamond necklace foreshadowing.

I have to admire that this kind of grass snake and grey thread, Fu pulse thousands of Li skill is played perfectly by this play.

Every person and every props have their own purpose and serve the plot.

In the first six episodes, Yang Yan (Liu mintao), a close friend of the heroine, who is not much of a part in the play, will always comfort and guide Zhang Yi at the critical moment as a passer-by who has been cheated.

There were not many appearances of Yang Yan in the previous episodes, but at the moment when the truth was revealed, sister Yuyan couldnt help but rewind the video and watched it carefully. She found that her only lines at that time were full of mystery

Every time Zhang Yi is confused and miserable, she always tries to enlighten her with her own experience and feelings. But who could have thought that the seemingly intimate people around her are the ones who stabbed her the hardest?

As a well-known painters first love boyfriend, only a few minutes, also buried the subsequent foreshadowing.

A handsome young and promising lawyer provides marriage legal advice for Zhang Yi when she is in trouble.

There is also the middle of the plot just appeared Zhang Yis hair small Zhao Jiaqi.

From the preview, Zhao Jiaqi should have played a key role in the future

All of these people do not appear out of thin air. All of them will have their own logic. However, these logic is still a mess and entangled around the heroine Zhang Yi.

Everyone is not simple, everyone has his own picture language.

In what event will they become the promoter of this event and the development of this relationship?

Feel the right way to put on your coat by cheating husband

Any wechat prompt tone can make her nervous

This is not an absolute sense of the drama, cold-blooded men, green tea playing cheap, the womans hand tearing small three, laughing to the end of the bridge, it does not have, there is no black or white, no life and death conflict, there is only a mature woman in the face of life changes and coping methods.

Zhang Yis life is like walking a tightrope. He should not only maintain his dignity, but also be careful whether the next step is the abyss.

What is the truth behind a pair of lovers?

Of course, the final outcome of the couple is still unknown. I am distressed, but it really tears apart the thinking of the same woman.

Really, what is the happiness we have and the real life we want? In the face of betrayal, do we need sincerity or preservation?

I think of an old Western proverb, which is the most appropriate way to finish.

What women want is the right to control their own lives.

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