How much effect does the six OST songs listen to the Phoenix sing bring to this play?

 How much effect does the six OST songs listen to the Phoenix sing bring to this play?

2. Chen Yihan Estelle -- runaway spirit

Chen Yihan has always been very fond of Chen Yihan. She has a painful feeling of being a girl. When she smiles, she seems to see a rainbow after the rain. As soon as the prelude of this song heard her humming Da La da da da da da da da, it was as if her ears were wrapped in layers of love, and she could not help sinking into the fantasy of sweet love. This is a song that can melt people. It has a lively melody, a melody full of girlish feeling, and Chen Yihans voice color is completely consistent with the temperament of this song. The light and soft honey treatment is clean and full of honey, and the grasp of details is also very delicate. Gradually, people can feel the shy feeling of the girls first love, especially the sentence that turns to the chorus Its you / its you / I see youre smiling at me too. The smart voice line vividly interprets the tense mood of a girl when she meets love. It shows the excitement and shyness of a girl who has been separated from her lover to find her true love.

3. Fu Jing: the empty city

This song, sung by Fu Jing, who plays zuoqingluan, the goddess of Biluo palace, tells the loneliness of one man guarding a city for another. The typical Xianxia drama music composition, insincere sad lyrics, coupled with Fu Jings graceful and clear voice, creates a sense of sad atmosphere and lonely picture. Fu Jing, dressed in ancient costume, can give people a deep sense of distance between chivalrous women. She can be said to be acting in the play. Her affectionate voice, full of desire to speak and stop, fits in with her role in the play. She not only perfectly interprets the role of qingluan with acting skills, but also enlivens the role with music. Therefore, no matter in the plays wonderful performance, or this songs affectionate performance, Fu Jing is really amazing to my treasure girl.

4. Shuangsheng / Xu junshuo: Taichu

The classic ancient style music shows the most intense love and hate and deep feelings in the ancient costume drama, which also corresponds to the love between men and women. I dont know much about Shuangsheng and Xu junshuo, but Ive heard other ancient songs sung by Shuangsheng before. Her voice condition is very malleable, but there is a little lack of emotional expression. This song makes me see her progress. But what surprised me in this chorus was Xu junshuo. His voice was fresh and gentle, and his singing was so suitable for the situation and meaningful. Besides, although this song is in the trend of ancient style on the whole, it is not too much of the symbolic folk music elements to deliberately reflect the style of the song. The string music used in the whole song is very balanced to break through the coexistence of ancient and modern artistic conception, so that the song has a de patterned situation, and the emotion is more rich and real, which is also the advanced point of this songs composition. In male and female duet singing, the sound line is gentle and graceful, with a little stubborn double Sheng and deep voice. Xu junshuo, with more empathy, collides with a feeling of love and hatred that is more responsive to music and drama, and presents a more vivid aural artistic conception.

5. Jiao Maiqi: Linyuan

The first time I listened to Jiao Maiqis song, it was a national style song. His steady voice and excellent lyrics poked at me. His voice was highly recognizable, just like a quilt warmed in the sun. The comfort from the slight waste heat was just right on his body. This song is about the sustenance between lovers, a belief in each other to the end of their lives and the bravery of fighting for love. Jiao Maiqis treble is solid, powerful and full of appeal, which shows that he has a good foundation. But what surprised me most was his manipulation of transposition and falsetto, combined with the mid range output of string music and folk music. He not only felt very comfortable and had texture, but also fully interpreted the emotion in the song. In the alternation of illusion and reality and the change of timbre, he gradually transformed people Into the mood of the lyrics. In his singing, since he is stirring up the emotional waves at the bottom of his heart, but also has a kind of restraint like desire to speak and stop. This is a skill that many young singers are difficult to grasp in performing national songs. However, Jiao Meiqi has a very good grasp on this point, which has a strong degree of agreement with the beautiful style of national style. In particular, the last sentence facing the abyss, not afraid to raise the ashes, willing to go for your life and death, can not only deeply feel the restraint in this feeling, but also not muddle along, which is a perfect ending.

6. Dream ran: the wind then

This song can be said to refresh my understanding of mengran. I really didnt expect that she could perform such a passionate and tension song so well, which let me see her full of power, and also let me feel the rich color of his voice, which showed her vocal ability. In the conventional impression, its hard to imagine that a Xianxia would be accompanied by a song with such rich modern music elements, but it has been proved that mengrans interpretation breaks through the stereotype and creates a totally new feeling for the play. The opening mix of this song has been very gripping, and the passionate and restless melody has not completely covered the quality of mengrans voice. This also depends on her own control and adjustment of voice output, as well as the interpretation of the song itself, in order to deduce such a dry and neat rock song with a sense of ups and downs. Especially after entering the chorus, the technique of voice compression and the second of emotional communication are presented perfectly, which makes the bravery and fearlessness of the characters in the play more three-dimensional.

On the whole, the six OST songs have played a more interesting and profound role in the play. The biggest common point of the singers is that they are very lyrical and can leave the audience memory points. As soon as the melody of each song starts, it can bring back all kinds of pictures of the corresponding plot of the play in mind. The style is changeable and unified, which makes the level and progression of the play more distinct, and makes the audiences thinking clearer and more representative.