Hard to escape 9.2 Wang Qianyuan pursues Lu Han

 Hard to escape 9.2 Wang Qianyuan pursues Lu Han

In addition to the fresh plot setting, Wang Qianyuan and Lu Hans positive hard and strong are also full of interesting points. In the preview, Wang Qianyuan, who has always shown his ruthless role, seems to be trapped by Lu Han. Lu Han is different from the past. His breakthrough dark image brightens the audience. In addition, Qi Xi, the winner of golden horses best newcomer, Qiao Xin, the good girl in Ode to joy, Wu Yue and Zhang Haoran, the powerful actors, will all be involved in the mystery of the play.

In 2017, a white night pursuit became a phenomenal online drama with a high score of Douban 9.0. With its wonderful suspense story and high-quality production, it attracted a large number of tap water to call for it. As the production team of white night pursuit, Wuyuan culture has launched doomed after three years. The director is also the producer of white night pursuit, 500.

This time, Wuyuan culture not only adheres to the high quality to the end, tries a new type of high concept suspense with original stories, but also cooperates with iqiyi to create a new mode of 12 episodes and 30 minutes boutique short plays, and strongly joins the misty theater which is loved by fans. Fast rhythm, strong plot is a major advantage of short play, film texture is also more and more short drama to the audience surprise.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020