Zhang Yuqi and Yi Nengjing, two completely different Zuo Jing, can actually become good friends?!

 Zhang Yuqi and Yi Nengjing, two completely different Zuo Jing, can actually become good friends?!

The week before, Zhang Yuqis birthday, Yi Nengjing prepared a little composition in advance, which was sent out on time at 0:00.

Princess Yi said that Zhang Yuqis face after removing her make-up was like the clear moonlight. She said that besides her strong and beautiful, there was kindness and softness;

Zhang Yuqi later responded to see cry, feeling that Yi Nengjing said what she didnt say. She was a person who understood her very well.

Yi qianrous writing is not sensitive to her writing.

As the two sisters who havent come down from the crest of the waves since the broadcast of sister of riding the wind and breaking waves, no one has ever dared to imagine that they can become good friends.

After all, no matter the character, or the experience, these two people are very different.

Yi Nengjings biggest wind comment is the work personally certified by her husband Qin Hao. It is mainly reflected in the fact that the artistic Pisces girl, whose heart is princess, romantic and delicate, has written many essays on microblog all the year round, which makes netizens praise and criticize.

Her works have nothing to do with literature and art. What impresses us is a sincere face to tell netizens: the broken diamonds below 1 carat are not worth money. Dont buy them. Hermes black gold No. 40 is practical enough to carry to buy vegetables.

Whats more, their growth background and the process of becoming famous are not linked at all.

Yi Nengjing became famous when she was young, and Zhang Yuqi was just born in the year when she released her first music album, you and I. When the 21-year-old Zhang Yuqi entered the public view with the female teacher in Yangtze River No.7, Yi Nengjing also set up her own film studio in the same year to try to be a producer.

Of course, there is also the pick a man vision which is ridiculed by everyone. Yi Nengjing has a unique insight, while Zhang Yuqi, up to now, thinks that really cant.

It is said that birds of a feather flock together.

Haughty women and picky women of course want to find the same kind of friends, but the situation is, it seems that the two people who cant fight with each other are firmly connected at both ends of a friendship.

As we all know at that time, Wang Fei, who doesnt eat the fireworks between people, is actually a good friend with Na Ying;

Li Jiaxin, a great beauty with few friends in the circle, even laughs with good friends. Her aunt Wu Junru is a close friend for more than 20 years.

I was very stunned.

Two totally different kinds of women can be friends.

Like Gao Lengs seclusion, like Zhang Ailing, her two girlfriends are totally different from her.

Yan Ying was her classmate in college. The girls friendship is simple and pure. She has to pay for the movie, the clothes and the cake, but she quarrels about the cost of taking the tricycle, and shows off her friendship without treating each other as an outsider.

Zhang Ailing is silent and aloof, but sensitive and soft in her heart. She is at two extremes with her bright, warm and heartless Yan Ying. Although she is quite different in character, she and she get along well.

Yan Ying and Zhang Ailing (right)

Zhang Ailing seems to be very cold, but she is very dependent on Yan Ying. Once, in order to wake up Zhang Ailing, Yan Ying, who loves to joke, directly throws a basin of cold water on her to wake her up! damnyouuff01u201d On the other hand, during the summer vacation at HKU, Yan Ying went back to Shanghai without waiting for Eileen Chang, and Eileen Chang fell on her bed and wailed.

For a period of time, almost every article of Eileen Changs articles had Yan Ying. In this world, Im afraid only Yanying can buy a scarf that satisfies me, and no one else can, she wrote

This friendship from a girl to middle age, Yan Ying is like her social agent. When she first arrived in the poor United States, she found a relationship to let her live in the womens dormitory of the Salvation Army; accompanied her to visit Hu Shi to look for employment opportunities; even if she accidentally got pregnant and didnt intend to have a child, Yan Ying asked someone to help her with the abortion.

Zhang Ailing wears a dress designed by Yan Ying

Later, Zhang Ailing unilaterally broke off contact with Yan Ying. Yan Ying wrote a letter asking, I dont know what I did wrong, so that you dont pay attention to me any more, and she did not return.

If Yan Ying is Zhang Ailings playmate, Kuang Wenmei is her soulmate.

Song Qi and Kuang Wenmei and his wife

Zhang Ailing likes to name her good friends, nicknamed Yanying as the little beast eating dreams, while Kuang Wenmei is called Cinderella at eight oclock.

In Hong Kong, in order to save money, Eileen Chang lived in the YWCA. Kuang Wenmei often goes to chat with her and go shopping with her. Sometimes he cooked the soup, put it in the thermos bottle and took the bus to Eileen Changs dormitory.

At 8 oclock in the evening, Zhang Ailing began to rush the guests and urge her to go home to take care of her family.

Kuang Wenmei took the most popular picture of Eileen Chang to the Lanxin photo studio

Its hard to imagine that Zhang Ailing, who has been upright and lofty in her life, has always regarded Kuang Wenmei as a perfect female model. She is moved by her image of a virtuous wife and mother who is gentle, dignified and virtuous. She even laments that Kuang Wenmei is the most normal person, which can be used as a standard to measure others.

Song Meiling once invited Kuang Wenmei to serve as a private secretary, but she was declined. Eileen Chang said to her, s.m.l. wants a company like you and cant get it. I can spend a lot of time with you. You dont want to waste your time that way. Youd rather waste it like that. Kuang Wenmei replied: I never think its a waste.

Until Eileen Chang went to the United States, Kuang Wenmei not only helped her with her publishing business like a broker, but also helped her with all kinds of daily chores, such as buying cloth, finding tailors to make cheongsam, remitting manuscript fees, sending books and medicines, etc.

A visa for Zhang Ailing to the United States

Many years later, Eileen Chang wrote in a letter to Kuang Wenmei: since I knew you, your friendship is the core of my life.

I absolutely do not have that delusion, that will make friends like you, no matter go to the ends of the earth, there is no such person.

But with friends like you, it really spoils me and makes me look down on other friends

Song Qi and Kuang Wenmei (first from the right)

After Lai Ya died, Zhang Ailing was almost isolated from the world. Naturally, she no longer needed a playmate like Yan Ying. Kuang Wenmei was already her only confidant.

It is said that the friendship between women is like a plastic flower, which looks fake but never withers.

This ridicule can be traced back to Beauvoirs sentence: friendship between men is based on personal opinions and interests, while womens communication is due to their common destiny.

But I guess Beauvoirs common destiny is actually the same background of life.

It is like Zhang Ailing in Kuang Wenmeis eyes: in front of strangers, she seems to be silent and not good at speech; but when she meets only two or three confidants, she seems to become another person, talking and laughing, witty words like pearls, and making unforgettable epigrams from time to time.

This background color is mutual recognition and appreciation.

Since we appreciate it, we can say everything else.

You are you, and I am not the same fireworks.

Maybe the dimension of thinking about life and the way they deal with problems make them look completely different, or even the opposite. But being friends with the person who seems the least likely gives each other more possibilities in their lives.

It reminds me of Princess Dianas darkest moment in 1992: her relationship with Charles was irretrievable, the world watched her jokes, and Dianas life fell into a state of despair.

Diana takes a picture alone in the Taj Mahal

Fortunately, she met Sister Teresa, 81, in Calcutta that year. The friendship between the two made a great historical story and saved Dianas painful life.

At that time, her letter to the housekeeper was not exposed until this year.

She wrote: today, a very profound thing has touched my life. I went to Mother Teresas home in Calcutta and found the direction Ive been looking for over the years. After the sisters came, they gave me a deep spiritual experience song, let me soar to a different height in spirit. These ladies and saints have no gorgeous words, but in their eyes, they shine with light, and their touch is full of warmth.

Diana and Mother Teresa in Calcutta

Under the influence of Mother Teresa, Diana devoted her energy to the needy children in need. Her influence surpassed that of the queen and Charles, becoming the most beloved member of the royal family and a real Princess of the people.

Although the tacit agreement is gratifying, friends who are completely different from themselves will produce more sparks in friction, surprise each other more, complement each other, help each other have a broader perspective and constantly break through their own horizons. Is this not the meaning of friendship?

Even, women with totally different personalities may not be able to get along with each other, but friendship once formed is relatively long-term and stable.

Christine Hannah wrote in Firefly alley: life is a lonely journey, but I met you. You are not me, but like another me in the world.

See through all your shortcomings, but also see all your shining points.

Friendship, like love, is more luxurious than a platinum bag.

More friends are acquaintances, because the opportunities to make true friends are less and less, no one has spare time to waste, and the number of friends has become precious.

I am always glad that I have friends of three ages:

The first one is about 10 years older than me. This kind of dating tells me exactly what I havent experienced, which makes me less detours.

Second, I am basically the same age. We are faced with common problems and puzzles and resonate with each other.

Third, I am over 10 years younger than me. Whenever I feel that I can no longer keep pace with this new world, children is my window to the new world.

On the high-speed railway back to Shanghai, looking out of the window in a hurry, I suddenly felt the above emotion and took out the computer for a while. May we all have a true friend, old friend and little friend who are different from ourselves.

At a certain stage, we will find that womens support for women is no less than mens and womens love.

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