Zheng Kai broke the record of eight hundred with a grenade

 Zheng Kai broke the record of eight hundred with a grenade

Netease Entertainment reported on August 28 that Guan Hus new work eight hundred released a preview of sacrificing ones life for justice.. Chen Shusheng, played by Zheng Kai, is one of the real 800 heroes. After discovering that the enemy tried to blast the building with a steel plate array, he bound a grenade and resolutely jumped out of the warehouse, smashed into the enemy array with his body, and died with the enemy. He only left his mother the eight character blood letter of sacrifice his life for justice, and his son would like it.. This symbolic event of the four line warehouse defense is also a climax and a big tear in the film. The box office of eight hundred has exceeded 1.4 billion, breaking the record of global single regional box office in 2020.

Chen Shushengs flesh and blood broken steel plate array

The film eight hundred is based on the final battle of Songhu battle. Chen Shusheng, played by Zheng Kai, is also based on the historical prototype of the war. When he found out that the enemy had set up a steel plate array in the corner of the wall with the intention of blasting the building, and the grenades and other weapons were fired by the steel plate, he decided to tie the grenade and jump off the building to break the array with its own weight. The 21-year-old Chen Shusheng did not leave any photos, leaving his mother a blood letter with the words sacrificing ones life for justice is what the son wishes. After many years of this scene, the audience in front of the screen can still feel his firmness and bravery.

In the film, the play is completed by moving camera. In order to ensure the continuity and smoothness of the picture, Zheng Kai personally went to the stage to complete the scene of jumping off the building, shooting eight times before and after. The camera follows Chen Shusheng into the enemys array, making the audience feel the battlefield atmosphere at close range. Zheng Kais emotional performance has also been recognized by the audience, he screamed into the enemy group, I didnt even recognize him.. Let the audience remember the role, but did not recognize the actors performance, is also the highest praise of the actor.

Chen Shusheng braved his life to defend the position, which affected other soldiers on the battlefield. They lined up in line, strapped with grenades, yelled out their names and jumped down. This critical turning point ignited the soldiers determination to fight the enemy to the death and shocked the ordinary people in the concession on the south bank.

Eight hundred broke 100 million in a single day for seven consecutive days

Like Chen Shusheng, who sacrificed his life for justice with his flesh and blood, eight hundred shows the human brilliance of soldiers in the extremely cruel battlefield from the perspective of a small person. Their image of flesh and blood, love and righteousness moved many people who came into the cinema. An audience commented: those heroes in the war films have become living people in eight hundred . They seem to live by our side. They cant hold back their tears when they die for justice. Some netizens said, there is no leading role in the whole movie, and there is no waste of every humble little role, which can make me remember. This is also the most attractive and touching part of the audience.

The excellent quality and exquisite expression of the film have won the high recognition of the audience. Many audiences feel not satisfied after watching it, and they take the initiative to brush twice or even six times. Strong emotional resonance also makes eight hundred gain more and more female audience praise. The number of women who want to see cats eye has increased by nearly 59%. Among the people who have seen it, female viewers have also scored high scores of 9.3 cats eye and 9.2 tickets. Good word-of-mouth helped the popularity of eight hundred continue to rise, box office results are very bright. At present, the box office has exceeded 1.4 billion, with a single day box office of more than 100 million for seven consecutive days and more than 37 million film viewers. It is the first film to break 1 billion yuan after returning to work this year. It also breaks many records such as the global one-day box office in 2020 and the global first weekend box office in 2020. The release of eight hundred effectively promoted the return to work of cinemas, making the return rate of cinemas to 87%, close to the upper limit.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020