Why do we need tiktok to decouple from Taobao Jingdong? It is necessary to establish closed-loop ecology

 Why do we need tiktok to decouple from Taobao Jingdong? It is necessary to establish closed-loop ecology

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The live broadcast of live broadcast is going to be banned from the three party platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong tiktok.

In August 26th, the head of the shake voice said that the platform would strengthen the control of tiktok with a view to further protecting the rights and interests of consumers. From September 6, the live sharing of products from third-party platform needs to match the live broadcast delivery person through massive star map platform; from October 9, the third-party source goods will no longer be supported to enter the shopping cart in the live room; the products from small store platform will not be affected. The above policy is only for live broadcast with goods, short video can still carry third-party link products normally.

One insider said that the video was not banned, because the effect of short video with goods has dropped sharply after the platform launched the tiktok with the platform this year.

Tiktok is master of the masters voice. There is a lot of people in the chattering on the radio, which can guide the Taobao merchants through the jump form. These people have larger fans or online shopping experience, but they do not have the resources of the supply chain, and earn commission through the diversion mode. Tiktok tiktok has supported the mode of Commission for the diversion of the third party before it announced the forbidding to jump the link between the two sides, and encouraged the master to do diversion in the jitter ecosystem, the person familiar with the matter said.

The intention of the tiktok live providers to build a closed loop ecosystem has been very obvious. The relationship between the three party business platform such as Taobao and Jingdong has also moved from cooperation to competition.

Shaking the tiktok to develop the live broadcast business has already risen to the companys strategic positioning.

From this year, the tiktok has been subsidized by businesses. In March, the tiktok live broadcast launched the industry belt business support plan. Eligible businesses can get the policy of 0 threshold opening, cold start flow support and other businesses, and resume sales through online channels in the shortest time. After that, the escort plan for small and medium-sized enterprises, cloud shopping project, online non closing and recovery plan were successively launched to reduce the threshold and cost of business.

Tiktok tiktok is known to have heard the sale of millions of sellers during the epidemic this year, trying to enjoy the growth bonus of the platform in the early days of the jitter. Many MCN executives said that tiktok live providers could be hit out of the savage phase of traffic.

A MCN official revealed that a large number of Taobao sales were in the middle and back of the year, and some sellers were coming to the tiktok and Jingdong sellers. Although tiktok sellers have a general performance on the e-commerce platform, they are more powerful than the MCN who are good at doing content in the original voice, and become one of the main force to boost the GMV growth of tiktok live TV providers.

Currently, game player with tiktok is mainly classified into three categories:

Some of Kwai Kwais owners are selling fast track lines, and selling strong lines of interaction with fans, selling goods and developing old fellow like fast hands, forming a family with goods. Tiktok users and tiktok are getting higher and higher, and this Kwai Fu has a good effect in shaking.

The head of a MCN revealed that with the increasing dividend, even if there is no anchor with fans, as long as the sales ability is enough, the sales volume promotion can also have good sales, so more and more people participate. Tiktok live broadcast business and the traffic bonus that two or three years ago had more or less similar.

A year, tiktok live broadcast business and Taobao live GMV is getting closer. Kwai Kwai, an industry insider, predicted that GMV, which was broadcast by the last years tiktok and the fast business operator, was 100 billion yuan, with the GMV of fast broadcast live at 60 billion yuan ~800 billion yuan. And Taobaos Gmv exceeded 200 billion yuan last year, with obvious advantages.

But this year the situation is quite different. Kwai Chungs GMV is expected to exceed the tiktok this year, according to a person familiar with the matter. According to 36 krypton quoted sources familiar with the information, 2020, the GMV target of tiktok live broadcast business reached 200 billion yuan.

The positive competition between tiktok live broadcast providers and Taobao live is inevitable. From the tiktok perspective, chattering is gradually improving its business ecosystem, and decoupling from Taobao is also a must.

Competition for high quality merchants

The brutal growth of the live broadcast of the sound of the early business is also the same tiktok, also encountered the quality of goods.

In the view of an industry person, this is the problem that the platform will inevitably encounter in the early stage of development. With mature operation system and stable sales volume on tmall and Jingdong platforms, high-quality merchants will not easily change the main battlefield. Small and medium-sized sellers who do not have the advantage of commodity quality and capital strength are more sensitive to flow cost. Once there is a lower cost channel, they will try it immediately.

Last year, tiktoks short video business encountered the problem of commodity quality. A health enhancing herbal tea tiktok was last years 35 in the short video business, because more than 50% of the returned employees were brought to the masters shop, according to a person familiar with the matter. It can be seen that the cost of this health tea is extremely low.

The problem was exposed in May last year when the shrimp was roasted. A user cheated on the tiktok to buy the net red roast shrimp. The price of this roast shrimp is not only four times the price of other electronic business platforms, but also a three no products. Originally, I wanted to find the order and make a refund, but I found that the product was paid on delivery. I didnt even have the order information and refund channel.

Since then, the tiktok has managed to regulate two categories of electricity providers and vigorously combating counterfeit and shoddy products. But until now, the quality of the voice tiktok is still lower than Taobaos.

Home furnishing sales tiktok, Taobaos live brand, was recorded on ECdataway -15, June 1st. In the 7 major commodity categories, including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, skin care, food / health, 3C digital, mother and baby, sports / outdoor, household products, the Taobao tiktok TOP10 brand accounted for about 24% of the brand in the chattering shop, but all the top brands in the TOP10 did not start in the wake up. Small shop.

According to the statistics of billion state power, most of the SKU products on the tiktok shop are far below the SKU number of Taobao platforms. For example, the number of SKU in the shop of tiktok is 9, while the Tmall flagship store has 194 SKU, and there are several SKU in each category, including shirt shirts, skirts, T-Shirts, coats and trousers. There are 2 SKU tiktok shops, and the number of Tmall SKU flagship stores is 945.

In the long run, the tiktok live providers need to clear the sellers of inferior commodities and attract more high-quality businesses to enter. However, tiktok is a strong source of business, but the company is still using Taobao as a platform for its diversion, and sales are still in the tiktok, and it is hard to get the data related to the shaking.

Tiktok, we can see that more high-quality businesses will be in the future to enjoy the growth of dividends and this will mean a positive competition between Taobao and tiktok.

Will Taobao take counter measures? From the tiktok situation, Taobao needs the flow of the jitter. Sina Technology reported that the jitter has signed a new round of tiktok with Taobao, including two parts, advertising and electricity suppliers, and the scale of cooperation is over last year.

Tiktok can make nothing of it. Tiktok is not aware of the specific cooperation details between Taobao and jitter. Taobao has also not released a comment on the third party platform link. It is certain that Taobao will face more difficult choices after the tiktok live is prohibited.

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