Nokia bell completed the approval test of China Radio and television 5g 700MHz base station and entered the approval process

 Nokia bell completed the approval test of China Radio and television 5g 700MHz base station and entered the approval process

The issuance of 5g equipment model approval certificate involves a number of 700MHz broadband base station equipment, 5g mobile phones, CPE terminals, industrial modules, etc. (4 base station models, 10 mobile phone models, 2 CPE terminal models, and 3 industrial module models). It is the first batch of 5g700mhz equipment to complete the model approval in China. The relevant terminal and system service capabilities cover the individual user market and the vertical industry user market Field full scene, terminal product positioning covers high, medium and low end. At the same time, under the continuous promotion of China Radio and television, a number of 5g700mhz base stations and terminal equipment of Nokia bell and other manufacturers have completed the relevant approval tests and entered the approval process. The successful promotion of 5g700mhz equipment approval for network access marks the gradual maturity of Chinas 5g700mhz industrial chain, which is of great significance for accelerating the implementation of Chinas 5g700mhz network construction.

Nokia Bell said that based on the 700MHz spectrum resources of China Radio and television, the 700MHz 5g equipment of Nokia bell has supported 30m / 40m bandwidth, and has completed the test of the model approval certificate of the Radio Regulatory Commission for 30m bandwidth, and is waiting for the approval and issuance of the approval certificate. It home learned that Nokia bell has taken the lead in installing 700MHz base stations in Shanghai and Beijing. In addition, 700MHz vonrcall has been successfully opened in the laboratory in Shanghai, and plans to verify vonr in the existing network after the 700 MHz base stations in Shanghai and Beijing are opened.

Nokia has a rich 700MHz network product line, such as 2T2R, 2t4r, 4t4r and other station types. In recent years, Nokia has delivered more than 150000 700MHz base stations and successfully deployed dozens of 700MHz LTE networks. Recently, Nokia and several operators in the Asia Pacific region have conducted 700MHz and 5MHz fddnr tests.

Nokia has the highest transmission power among all the 700MHz rrus from all device manufacturers. In addition, airscale BBU supports TDD / fdd5gnr total BBU, supports 700MHz full bandwidth and 5g / LTE configuration. Nokia provides an end-to-end solution for 700MHz 5g network to meet the automation requirements in new scenarios.