Zhang Liangying is suspicious of her rumored boyfriend and admits that she has cohabited

 Zhang Liangying is suspicious of her rumored boyfriend and admits that she has cohabited

After Zhang Liangyings response to forgetting her words, on the afternoon of August 27, gossip boyfriend Chen Qiushi sent a long article to support Zhang Liangying and explained the reasons for Zhang Liangyings forgetting the words. In the article, Chen Qiushi admitted their love for the first time and revealed many details of Zhang Liangyings life. Various details proved that the two had lived together. In July 2020, Zhang Liangying and cellist Chen Qiushi were photographed by the media to embrace in the street and live together in a hotel, and then their love affair was exposed, but they have not responded positively to this matter. Chen Qiushi previously served as the best man of Zhang Liangying and Feng Kes wedding, and the two have known each other for many years.

Chen Qiushi also disclosed another detail proving that they lived together. Chen disclosed that Zhang Liangying went back to the hotel in the early morning and took sleeping pills to sleep. After less than three hours sleep, Zhang opened the curtain and continued to recite words. Chen Qiushi even remembered the time when Zhang Liangying got up to pull the curtains. It was obvious that the two lived in the same room. At the end of the article, Chen Qiushi wrote that during my time with her, he admitted their love for the first time, and revealed that because Zhang Liangying always backed down in the face of doubts and disputes, the two had quarreled several times.

In 2003, Zhang Liangying got to know Feng Ke. In 2005, Feng Ke and his ex-wife formally went through the divorce procedures. A daughter born to her ex-wife was raised by her ex-wife. In 2009, after the expiration of her contract with Huayi Brothers, Zhang Liangying and her boyfriend Feng Ke jointly established Shaocheng times company. On July 4, 2015, Zhang Liangying officially disclosed her love affair with her boyfriend Feng Ke in Changsha station of bangtheworld concert tour. On October 10, at the end of the Chengdu Station of bangtheworld tour, her boyfriend Feng Ke proposed. On November 8, 2016, they held a wedding ceremony with Feng Ke in La Badia castle in Rome, Italy. On August 27, 2018, it officially ended the brokerage contract with Shaocheng times company and broke up with Feng Ke. Zhang Liangying wrote that everything from the beginning was accused of announcing the breakup with Feng Ke.

After the end of her relationship with Feng Ke, Zhang Liangying was exposed to be in love with her friend Chen Qiushi for many years. When Feng Ke and Zhang Liangying got married, Chen Qiushi was once the best man. More than once, the media have taken photos of Zhang Liangying and Chen Qiushi dating in private, but they have never admitted their love. Chen Qiushi only occasionally publishes her microblog about Zhang Liangying.

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