Ill wait for you at the end of time reveals Fan Wei and Li Hongqis tearful father son play

 Ill wait for you at the end of time reveals Fan Wei and Li Hongqis tearful father son play

Netease Entertainment reported on August 28 that the fantasy love movie Ill wait for you at the end of time directed by Yao Tingting and supervised by Jiang Zhiqiang, and starred by Li Hongqi and Li Yitong, is on the air. The popularity of the film continued to rise, and the box office reached 300 million on the second day of its opening. Word of mouth is also good. In addition to the touching love line, the father son relationship between Fan Wei and Li Hongqi also pokes resonance and tears in many audiences. Recently, the film released the special father and son across time and space and exposed the role of tearful father and son. Fan Wei and Li Hongqi used their delicate acting skills to explain the irresistible fetters and silent love behind the family relationship, which attracted countless netizens to tears. The movie also released a series of father and son posters, which stop the ringer father and son in different moments before and after time.

Linger and his son stick to the love belief of only love one person in their life

In addition to the touching love in the movie Im waiting for you at the end of time, the father son relationship interpreted by Fan Wei and Li Hongqi is also eye-catching. Lin Ge (Li Hongqi) and his father Lin Liguo (Fan Wei) misunderstood each other for lack of communication at first. But when ringer reset time to become a stranger in his fathers eyes, he finally found the warm side behind his father: he kept his beloveds hairstyle in silence, and insisted on collecting sugar paper stacked by his lover all his life. Fan Wei interprets the deep love for the character in the Special Edition: ringer feels that his father doesnt want to be enterprising. In fact, this is exactly how he keeps this love in his own way. Fan Wei also sincerely said, if you or Lin have this watch, you will choose to restart time and space to help your lover. Lin Ge uses his life to protect his love, and Lin Li Guo remembers his love all his life.

In the film, the tearful segment of the reunion between ringer and Lin Liguo after many years makes many audiences call crying collapse. In this play, ringer and his father have become strangers, and they can not be matched by father and son. At this time, ringer really understood his father: when we were fathers and sons, we always quarreled. Now I sit in front of him as a stranger, and finally I understand him. And the line that moved countless audiences: what do you think is the greatest wish of the old man, is to hope that his children will pass through one hurdle after another in their whole life. It is the result of a day of careful polishing by Fan Wei as his father.

Although there is not much space for father and son in the film, Fan Wei, an old actor, joined the film, which makes the family relationship more vivid and profound. With his textbook acting skills, Fan Wei, the film emperor, interprets Lin Li Guos personality characteristics in different stages accurately and accurately, and shows the changes of characters emotions step by step. In Fan Weis free acting skills, let us realize the strong fathers love like old wine, which attracts netizens praise.

The movie Ill wait for you at the end of time takes love as the main line and family and friendship as the auxiliary lines. It enriches the characters personality and the core of the story, but also establishes more emotional resonance with the audience. Two days after the film was released, the box office broke through 300 million, and now it has accumulated nearly 350 million, continuously leading the Chinese Valentines day.

The film Ill wait for you at the end of time is directed by Yao Tingting, supervised by Jiang Zhiqiang, and starred by Li Hongqi and Li Yitong. It is adapted from Zheng Zhis original novel of the same name. The film is in the national heat.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020