Wangzais new hell spicy noodles make my hair numb with tears and tears

 Wangzais new hell spicy noodles make my hair numb with tears and tears

In this issue, Wang Chai fed us seven new products, including eating and drinking, shrimp slices and noodles. Lets see whats good except milk, rice cakes and crushed ice.

Original taste of fresh prawn slices

8 yuan / bag

Password: iiracxggrx?

I thought that the shrimp flavor puffed food of a certain leby was no match, but I didnt expect that Wangwangs rice and shrimp slices could also play well.

The shrimp slice is very big, and you can see the color of the shrimp meat. The taste is unique, like the combination of snow cake and shrimp slices. Its definitely a new world in shrimp slices. Its fresh to eat! Fragrant! Crispy!

The most wonderful is the endless aftertaste of rice, which not only dilutes the fishy smell of shrimp, but also gives people the illusion that they are not on fire. Mom, if you love me, please buy me prawn slices!

8 yuan / bag

Password: iiracxggrx?

At the beginning, I refused. After all, I felt that crayfish without meat and juice had no soul. However, the moment the prawn slices touched the tip of the tongue, I ate a capital true fragrance.

The taste code of crayfish has been completely cracked, and the rich fresh shrimp flavor is full of nasal cavity, and the seasoning on the surface seeps into the shrimp slices. After chewing until the last moment, it is still the dual experience of rice flavor and shrimp flavor.

The most important thing is that people are not only fresh and fragrant, but also crisp, which is the ultimate enjoyment.

Bond coffee Mocha flavor

7 yuan / can

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Coffee contains a very strong chocolate flavor, you can feel that there is a lot of effort in chocolate. The taste is very smooth and mellow, and the aftertaste is endless.

The aroma of coffee is very rich and tastes very rich after the thick chocolate flavors are gone. It is not so much mocha coffee with chocolate flavor, but rather chocolate milk with coffee flavor.

But whether it is chocolate or coffee, the taste is very nice!

Bond coffee caramel macchiato flavor

7 yuan / can

Taotao password: $n2kmcxgulfu$

At that moment, my memory seems to go back to the simple and unadorned 1990s. At that time, there was meat in the preserved pork, milk in the milk sugar, and the sugar in caramel macchiato was really burnt.

The whole bottle has a strong flavor, but the taste is refreshing. The caramel aroma is endless, which complements the bitterness and astringency of coffee, which is a rare coffee in 2020.

Bond milkshake strawberry flavor

10 yuan / can

Password: xoscxgdfmw?

The girl flavor milk, which is necessary for returning to middle school, is more mature than Wangzai milk. It has the temperament of a small adult, but it is not artificial. It is very pleasant.

Shake the bottle after cold storage. The entrance is ice cold, smooth and sweet. The milk taste is mellow and not sticky. You will unconsciously fall into the pink sweet curse of strawberry flavor

Bond is a cool detective, but he wants to mix with strawberries, which really triggers the contrast.

Hot chili crispy

15 yuan / can

What a surprise! Although it looks hot, its really good!

Love to eat spicy friends rest assured to buy! But for me and other mortals who cant take too much pepper, we still have to drink a large glass of water after eating.

Mr.HOT Spicy Q rice noodles hell spicy noodles

12 yuan / barrel

Password: vm6cxgbau4?

Serve spicy! Do not cheat, while eating while tears, that called a spicy and happy.

Compared with Turkey noodles, which are more sweet and less spicy, this barrel of hell spicy is more powerful, and it is even hotter than double hot Turkey noodles. Spicy also has a mellow smell: like mixed with Korean chili sauce and mayonnaise, sweet and salty, the taste is really not greasy.

But dont eat too hastily, its spicy are stored in the aftereffect, cool my scalp numbness. It is suggested to put a third of the sauce to try first. After all, it is a good idea to taste a little spicy sauce.

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