Want to enter the new blue ocean of digital transformation of manufacturing industry? Industrial big data innovation competition sets the stage for you

 Want to enter the new blue ocean of digital transformation of manufacturing industry? Industrial big data innovation competition sets the stage for you

Big data analysis and application in the industrial field is a blue ocean with boundless prospects in the digital transformation of manufacturing industry.

With the rapid integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry, industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing are entering the development stage of deep cultivation from concept popularization. In this process, big data, as a new asset, resource and production factor, technology innovation and application practice are becoming more and more active, which has become an important driving force for intelligent transformation of manufacturing industry. To fully stimulate the value of data elements and implement the State Councils Guiding Opinions on deepening the development of the industrial Internet in the Internet plus advanced manufacturing industry, and to develop the ecological development of industrial big data, the China information and Communication Research Institute has held three industrial big data innovation competitions since 2017, under the guidance of Ministry of industry and information technology. The authoritative national innovation competition in the field of industrial big data.

Industrial big data innovation competition: three years and fruitful results

In 2017, the theme of the first competition was predictive maintenance of wind power equipment. After 100 days, 1535 participants were registered and 1481 teams were registered. The total prize of the prize pool reached RMB 118000.

In 2018, the competition topics of the second competition include Foxconns tool life prediction for machine tool processing and prediction of coil throughput of Jiwei IOT (a subsidiary of Panzhihua Iron and steel company in Sichuan Province). The competition schedule was shortened to two months, but the number of participants nearly doubled compared with the previous one. 1029 teams composed of 2904 players from home and abroad competed for the prize totaling 240000 yuan.

In 2019, the third competition, with the theme of big data fault prediction and analysis of high-end manufacturing equipment, continued the good momentum of the previous session, attracted 2304 participants, and the number of teams reached a new high of 1609. For the first time, the third competition publicized the status of the event through live broadcast and social media channels. More than 50000 people watched the live broadcast and more than 1.5 million people read microblogs, which established a good reputation and image for the event in the whole society.

So far, the total number of participants in the industrial big data innovation competition has exceeded 6800, with students accounting for 89.1%. Among them, 91.1% of the students are from 985 / 211 universities, which is quite rare in similar competitions in China. Nowadays, the industrial big data innovation competition has become one of the most concerned high-end competitions for it and manufacturing related majors in domestic universities, and it has also helped a large number of excellent students to accumulate valuable experience in this field and cultivate many top talents for the industry.

Take part in the competition immediately, add points for employment and accumulate strength for entrepreneurship!

On July 24, 2020, the fourth industrial big data competition was officially opened for registration, and will start on September 1. The theme of this competition is Internet industry, empowerment and wisdom. Compared with previous years, the amount of prize pool has a breakthrough growth, and the total bonus is as high as 1 million yuan. The competition is open to the whole society, and colleges, scientific research institutions, enterprises or individuals can sign up for the competition. Here are the details of the competition.

Introduction to competition questions

At present, the competition has been launched with two questions:

The inflow flow forecast of hydropower station is provided by State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. Based on a large number of historical data and monitoring data, the team needs to accurately predict the inflow of hydropower stations, so as to help hydropower stations reasonably arrange flood control and power generation dispatching, avoid flood disasters, improve economic benefits of power generation, and bring significant safety and economic value.

The data of virtual measurement and machine adjustment optimization of injection molding process are provided by Foxconn industrial Internet Co., Ltd. According to the big data accumulated by the injection molding process of plastic products, the team needs to perceive the invisible interference factors in the processing process, and solve and avoid the on-site problems through the analysis and modeling, so as to help reduce the unqualified rate, improve the product quality and reduce the production cost. At the same time, it is also necessary to improve the adjustment strategy based on big data analysis, so as to save production time and economic cost.

Core values

The competition is hosted by the ICT Institute, with special support from the peoples Government of Baoan District, Shenzhen. The State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. and Foxconn industrial Internet Co., Ltd. are jointly organized. Huawei, Beijing industrial big data innovation center and state power investment big data center participate in the cooperation and support. Kunlun Zhihui and Tianze Zhiyun provide technical support.

The questions selected in the competition are directly drawn from the actual production practice, which is a typical representative of the industry front-line field that can directly benefit from big data analysis and processing technology. During the competition, the teams can deeply understand the application scenarios of industrial big data, establish the overall cognition of the actual role of industrial big data, learn how to apply theoretical knowledge and skills to deal with real challenges, and find out the deficiencies and defects of their own ability to improve.

As a heavyweight event in the industry, 2020 industrial big data innovation competition will play a good role in promoting the ecological construction of domestic industrial big data, and provide an excellent communication and cooperation platform for college students, government, enterprise departments and front-line practitioners

The excellent solutions produced in the competition can also be put into practical production quickly, creating considerable economic value for related fields.

High level teams can not only prove their own strength with the competition, but also have the opportunity to have in-depth communication with the organizers, partners and interested government, enterprises and institutions, so as to open up more possibilities for their career.

Industry organizations in need of outstanding talents can also find suitable candidates in the competition to investigate the advanced development mode and concept in the field of domestic industrial big data.

Award setting

The competition is divided into first prize, second prize and third prize. The top 30 winners will be awarded certificates.

Second prize: 2, each winning team will be awarded RMB 50000;

Second prize: 2, each winning team will be awarded RMB 50000;

Third prize: 3, each winning team will be awarded 30000 yuan.

At the same time, the participating teams will have the opportunity to get full exposure, including simultaneous publicity on microblog, wechat, head website and major live broadcast platforms; the winning teams can also connect with the enterprises with the title of the competition to obtain market cooperation opportunities.

In particular, the competition will also set up Shenzhen settlement awards to encourage outstanding talents to start their own businesses.