Tian refused to join the variety show and gave up 20 million yuan

 Tian refused to join the variety show and gave up 20 million yuan

For this cross sea invitation, verified by Netease Entertainment reporter, Tian Fu Zhens studio made a response, saying: I havent heard of it.

For Tian Fuzhens practice, the opinions in the comment area are even more polarized. Some netizens think that Hebe is unmoved and seems to want to concentrate on music, because she has rarely participated in variety shows since she flew alone. In addition to some commercial performances, she can hardly be seen. Another part of netizens think that he is suspected of playing big brands.

Some time ago, she was even more self destructed in a live show. Even though the mainland variety shows are constantly invited, she will not be ashamed of herself for money. At the same time, she has launched her latest single MV without any publicity, which makes many netizens feel very Buddhist.

However, when Luo Zhixiang was cheating, Tian Fuzhens speech caused a lot of controversy. At one time, she even thought that the public disclosure of ex girlfriend Zhou Yangqing was very inappropriate. Therefore, some netizens doubted that it was getting hot, and the good image she had maintained for many years collapsed overnight.