Jinghu comes into the market with core LG Xianhui series Jingdong customized washing machine

 Jinghu comes into the market with core LG Xianhui series Jingdong customized washing machine

Whats surprising is that the newly launched four Xianhui series of customized washing machines are all products developed based on the latest technology platform of LG. Equipped with the fifth generation of artificial intelligence DD motor which LG is proud of, through the analysis of LG washing database, it can sensitively sense the characteristics, soft and hard shape and weight of sensor clothing, and customize the washing mode. It can effectively reduce 18% clothing damage after testing. At the same time, in view of the health needs of the family at present, the standard disinfection solution Anxin washing and 95 u2103 high temperature boiling and washing procedures are provided to protect the health of the family!

In appearance, it adopts luxury steel drill glass door, which is extraordinary and durable. It adopts advanced sealing technology and the whole body inlay. Inside the fuselage, all stainless steel lifter is adopted, which is anti-bacterial and hygienic. The wrong way design can effectively prevent the winding of clothes.

It is worthy of consumers attention that the washing capacity of the four products has reached more than 10.5kg. They are comfortable in daily washing and can easily meet the washing needs of curtains and bedding at home. Super large inner barrel capacity, but the overall body thickness of 560mm is achieved, and the fuselage with the same capacity is thinner. Ultra thin fuselage can be embedded in the standard cabinet, can match more kinds of decoration style, and home integration.

Each has its own strengths, and there is always a tailor-made one for you

In order to let consumers really experience the concept of innovation for a better life advocated by LG, LG has customized four kinds of washing machine products with its own leading technology in the washing machine industry and in-depth exploration of Chinese consumers. One of them is your favorite, and users can choose according to their own familys actual needs.

The choice of light luxury in the gospel of mother and baby

Flw13nwb Obsidian black 13.2kg

The unique design of the upper roller and lower wave wheel comes from LGs classic series Shuangqing series. Once launched, it has astonished the whole washing machine industry. It has always been loved by treasure mothers. The space of one washing machine and the enjoyment of two washing machines have become the reason for many family washing machines in recent years!

This washing machine is especially suitable for large families with babies. You can not only wash clothes of different colors, fabrics and types, but also separate the clothes of adults and children. The super large roller on the upper layer can wash the clothes of daily adults, and the mini wave wheel at the lower layer can gently wash and protect the clothes of babies, which can not only ensure the safety and hygiene of babys clothes, but also reduce the possibility of clothing damage, Bring more intimate wearing experience for baby.

The washing of upper and lower zones not only can be classified into different zones, but also can be washed by two washing machines at the same time, which greatly shortens the washing time and saves space.

Quality choice of multi mouth House - integrated washing and drying flw10z4b

Flw10z4b yaoyan black 10.5kg

Equipped with the quick cleaning spray technology independently developed by LG, it can help the detergent fully penetrate into the clothes and greatly improve the washing performance; when washing, it can help rinse faster and more thoroughly.

Family of three - the combination of washing and drying flx10m4w

Family of three affordable choice - single wash model flx10n4w

Luxury (left) fx10.5kw

This is a single wash model, but the cost performance is quite outstanding. Large capacity and small figure can be easily embedded in the home environment, and can be matched with LG dual frequency conversion heat pump and Zhenyun plus dryer, and placed together with the luxury steel drill door, which makes the appearance of the watch pop. Artificial intelligence washing with heat pump low temperature dry clothes, professional care left and right open!

The data shows that customized consumption has gradually become the consumption trend. With the post-90s and post-00s gradually becoming the main force of social consumption, this research, production and marketing mode of jointly developing customized products that are more in line with the needs of consumers and the market will be more and more popular. This time, LG and JD further explore c2m customization, which is not only a new opportunity for both sides to explore the online home appliance market, but also a perfect model for the organic combination of advantageous channel resources and quality products.

Industry insiders have predicted that as the first batch of representative products for LG and JD to realize c2m reverse customization strategic cooperation, Xianhui customized series washing machines are more in line with the needs and tastes of consumers, and their performance on the market is worth looking forward to. In the future, LG will continue to cooperate with JD to actively explore new trend products, open up the high-speed growth channel of new products, and lead the new trend of consumer market development.