Confused! Shanghais Auntie invites her son-in-law to pay more than 10percent of her financial income without looking at the garage

 Confused! Shanghais Auntie invites her son-in-law to pay more than 10percent of her financial income without looking at the garage

How about 10% of annual financial management to be the son-in-law of Shanghai? (source: ~)

Not looking at the house, not the car, only looking at the level of financial management, this aunt has a unique vision.

Out of working habits, I carefully looked at the requirements of Shanghais mother-in-law and had to say that the level is really high!

Its not a joke. Its something I admire.

There are two requirements:

1) Have a strong sense of risk control

2) Financial portfolio is more than 10% annualized

It is the so-called layman watching the fun, the expert looking at the door, aunts two requirements are really not low, the vast majority of peoples financial management is to take two extremesu2014u2014

Or risk card very dead, make money or not, the most important thing is not to lose, can not lose a cent.

Or you look at the yield very high. If you want to start with an annualized rate of 100%, you are required to be a stock price perpetual motion machine or a money printing machine.

There is a saying in investment: a person who doubles in one year is like a crucian carp crossing the river, but a person who doubles in five years is like a star.

We might as well take a look at it. Is it difficult to realize 10% annual income in the long run? Why even the core assets of the matchmaking market have changed from houses to financial capabilities?

Its really hard to ask.

Some people may not believe me, so I used wind to pick up all the information of fund managers in China, including historical performance, maximum withdrawal, working time, representative fund, etc.

Next, I choose a fund manager with more than five years investment experience. Originally aunts standard is three years, but I think three years has not experienced a complete cycle of cattle and bears, more than five years is more suitable.

That alone filters out two-thirds, leaving 530 gay men.

The first key point is to require an annualized rate of return of more than 10%.

I was so fierce in my operation that 250, 85% of the original 1600 male fund managers were excluded.

Next is the second key point, risk control.

According to my aunts strong sense of risk control, I estimate that the maximum withdrawal should not exceed 10%.

If your mother-in-law gives you 5 million yuan in financial management, and you lose 20% (that is, 1 million yuan), it is estimated that you will sleep in durian bed tonight.

This is really very strict. In the end, there are nine warriors who will meet the requirements of my aunt. The final selection rate is 0.54%.

Finally, five Post-70s experience (after all, the age gap is too big), and then check the previous requirements. Finally, only one really impeccable survivor is foundu2014u2014

Chu Yanhui, manager of AXA fund of Shanghai Pudong Bank, has managed for more than six years. The annualized return rate of the representative fund is 12.26%, and the maximum withdrawal rate is - 8.78%, which meets the needs of auntie.


Of course, I didnt write this article today to recommend fund managers or funds. You can see, I have mosaic the specific fund code and name.

The main purpose is to show you how to achieve the performance of risk control + 10% annualisation. In fact, this requirement is also the financial goal pursued by many people.

Observing the asset allocation ratio of the fund, which is the representative of the winner in front of us, really has something to learn from.

1) It must be distributed and low correlation assets. For example, stocks, bonds, other fixed income, cash, etc.

3) Bonds are the cornerstone of stability, and the proportion can be controlled between 20% and 50%.

4) Always keep a certain amount of cash to move for yourself, do not move the full position.

Among these conclusions, the most important thing is to learn to use stocks and bonds for decentralized allocation, and to control stock positions. This is the core.

I calculate the average performance of five types of funds, including long-term annualized yield and maximum withdrawal. The results are shown in the following two charts.

Although its difficult to be a son-in-law in Shanghai with strict risk control + 10% annualisation, if we choose the secondary debt base, we can still suppress the situation if we choose to be the son-in-law of Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hangzhou.

Gay men, I can only help here.

Finally, lets take a look at why the core assets in the matchmaking market have shifted from houses to financial capabilities?

Because the original mode of making money is not fully applicable.

For example, Shenzhen, just after the outbreak of the epidemic, ushered in the most stringent control policy in history. From junior college students can settle down, they can buy a house. Overnight, it has become three-year Hukou + three-year social security.

The same goes for other cities. High quality assets are Changsha, and inferior assets are Hegang.

Hegang tens of thousands of a set of houses, the breakdown of the Chinese house prices will always rise belief in the property market.

More and more cities, such as Hangzhou, Dongguan, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhan, Chengdu and so on, are constantly pouring in population and industry, setting new heights in housing prices, and increasing regulation and control, moving closer to the regulatory model of Changsha.

You cant buy where you want to buy. You dont want to buy where you can.

This is the knot of many people buying a house. Buying a house is more eye-catching than at any time in the past two decades.

Whats more, China has to transfer its core assets due to the internal economic cycle and the conflicts among big powers. Before that, Chinas core asset was undoubtedly real estate, which was the driving force of economic development.

However, the side effects are also emerging. Real estate is like a black hole, attracting funds and resources. The real economy, which needs the most money and resources, is ignored.

No big country has risen by real estate. As the conflict between China and the United States intensifies, many science and technology enterprises are blocked and their core technologies are stuck. Even international students are not free to choose their schools.

Obviously, only by stepping up the transfer of core assets to high-tech, modern manufacturing and modern service industries, can we move from a middle-income country to a high-income country.

There is no second way.

Therefore, we can see that internal circulation has been repeatedly mentioned after the mid year conference in July.

Moreover, the real society is increasingly testing the ability of financial management.

Yuebao, the most brainless buyer, has seen a sharp decline in its income, from 4% three years ago to 1.5% now, and even the expansion cant run.

In June this year, R2 (low-risk) financial products also suffered losses, and the net value of financial management fell below the principal.

Breaking rigid cashing has extended from private placement and trust with lower security level to bank financial management with higher security level.

Dont think that big banks will not lose money in financial management. However, if the contract does not provide for capital preservation, you will have no place to argue.

Therefore, I really admire my aunts eye for choosing her son-in-law. She is not only professional, but also familiar with the general trend of the national economy.