After a thousand sails, the front will be gentle and moonlight

 After a thousand sails, the front will be gentle and moonlight

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Use your best self to treat the one you love most, instead of testing whether the other party loves you with your worst self.

People who live seriously have a fishing net made by the moon, and they can still catch the shining stars even when they are in rough conditions.

After a thousand sails, the front will be gentle and moonlight.

The most suitable two people, not at the beginning of the match. But willing to become better two people for each other in the long years to come.

No matter who is too enthusiastic, it increases the probability of not being treasured. If there is no excessive joy, there will be no extreme sadness.

Some people hate for no reason. They are mediocre, lack of talent and mediocrity, so your excellence, your talent, your kindness and happiness are all original sins.

u2014u2014Keigo Tono

Even if our life is a little messy now, dont stop moving forward. We should treat it well every day. We only have one life. We should try our best to live it well. We should be quiet and try to catch up with the stars.

In life, there are always some people who envy others love occasionally. When there is love around them, they push them away in panic. Treat love, in order not to let oneself hurt again, also in order not to let oneself again disappointed to love, more and more people, dare not try a new love.

Love is far more than the fear of loneliness. I cant believe it. Im always afraid of repeating the past failure experience, being abandoned and betrayed. Especially when I grow up, I see so many kinds of news. Im afraid that I cant use my feelings. In the end, its just nothing.

So, lets talk about it today. What kind of experience is fear of love?