100 million kilometers! Tianwen-1 has a new mileage, but it is not far from the earth

 100 million kilometers! Tianwen-1 has a new mileage, but it is not far from the earth

The tianwen-1 probe was successfully launched on July 23 this year. It was directly put into the earth fire transfer orbit by the Long March 5 carrier rocket, and became an artificial planet. It orbits the sun together with the earth and Mars, and gradually moves away from the earth and flies to Mars. During the flight, the detector has successfully completed the Earth Moon group photo acquisition, the first orbit midway correction, load self-test and so on. From 22:20 p.m. on August 19, the Mars magnetometer, mineral spectrum analyzer, high-resolution camera, medium resolution camera and other loads on the orbiter completed self-test in turn. The scientific data of the payload were transmitted smoothly. It was confirmed that the equipment was in normal condition and all flight control work was carried out normally. The follow-up probe will also carry out deep space maneuvers and multiple midway corrections, and perform capture, landing, inspection and other missions after approaching Mars orbit.

The route of tianwen-1 to Mars is not a straight line, but an arc. After the launch, tianwen-1 is not flying in the direction of the earths progress, but chasing Mars in the direction of the earths orbit, so it is constantly away from the earth. In this process, the positions of the earth, the probe and Mars have been changing since the earth and Mars revolve around the sun. In the course of the probes flight, the earth is actually advancing. According to the earths revolution speed of about 30 kilometers per second, in the 36 days of tianwen-1 flight, the earth has actually run more than 90 million kilometers. So, tianwen-1 has flown 100 million kilometers, but it is not so far from the earth.

According to experts from the lunar exploration and space engineering center of the National Space Administration, when the probe arrived on Mars that day, the probe was about 195 million kilometers away from the earth, and the actual flight distance was about 470 million kilometers.

(CCTV reporter Li Xia, NASA Li Chen, Yang Lu)

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