Never ending story | 100 days of writing

 Never ending story | 100 days of writing


Postscript to the 100 day journey of writing

Writing is twice as much

The 100 days of wanton profligacy have passed. From the beginning of strong doubt about whether they can adhere to it, they are more and more convinced that they can persist to the end. Their mental journey is worth remembering and reviewing. They have written more than 100000 words in 100 days. I cant believe that they have written 100000 words over time.

From the beginning of writing down, to adhere to the output of 100 days, obviously experienced several peaks and troughs.

Adjust your thinking immediately, keep up with the guidance of the course, complete daily homework honestly according to the curriculum schedule, feel the gradually accumulated strength, and some skilful repeated practice can inject power and happiness into the process continuously;

After three fifths of the writing camp, the completion of the homework gradually became the fun I expected every day. The flow of heart time made me indulge and happy. I felt a little bit disappointed if I didnt express something every day. So I set a higher output target for myself than the homework. At the moment when I found that writing is a happy and satisfying thing, I thought about my writing Habits are formed.

I thought it could be finished smoothly, but I didnt expect that in the final sprint stage, due to the sudden failure of the keyboard and the strike of handy tools, the rhythm of daily output was changed, and the original pleasure was destroyed by panic and uneasiness. The creative ideas were intermittent, and they began to reflect that their accumulation and output were not proportional to each other, so that the follow-up was weak, which could be regarded as a low point, or even always In the last few days, no more exciting articles were produced.

The whole process is a bit suspicious, but the harvest is full of confidence and sense of control.

Although the 100 days are over, there are many huge holes in many articles that need to be filled in the future, but I dont have too many regrets. Instead, Im glad that I used words to precipitate my memories and feelings. Now I read them clearly and vividly, which makes me intoxicated.

This 100 days is a start. You can find your childhood passion for words and sincere expression. You will continue to record your life and work every day. You will also complete your novels and long-term writing plan. If you dont want to become famous, you will only want to spend time in it every day. I believe that all the steps will reach thousands of miles away, whether you are or not!!!


Iris that can sing

Writing 6 Yinghuan brother

Before dawn, the night gradually white, but the white is gradually pulled down, so the bottom is still dark deep. A touch of light purple dilutes the black, a trace of light white overlay on the purple, inlaid with nature, this is an iris, pavilion independent, breaking the loneliness of black.

The moon shines all night, and I feel sleepy. Im moving and returning home step by step. Soon, there are only vague traces left. But it leaves a faint light. This light is a little slippery, and soon it falls on the land, covering the land with a layer of brilliant light.

The wind has stopped, it breathes light, as if afraid of disturbing a dream of iris, it quietly stops at the top of the tree, the tree top pulls the leaves, rustles, and shakes the posture, trying to shake off the weight of the wind, as if this weight is unbearable in life.

This movement, the iris a dream, but did not wake up. The wind left quietly, turned to a wave of sleeves, blowing to the branches, the branches swaying, sprinkled the light and shadow, but also to the dream of iris covered with a shade of the quilt.

The fireflies flying all over the sky in the wilderness, surging with little fireflies, cutting through the darkness, they are flying freely and freely, dancing and circling with the wind, one moment left, one moment right, one moment up, one moment down, not happy.

The moon has gone to sleep. The wind has been playing all night, and I am tired. The fireflies have gone, and the night has ushered in the dew.

Condensation dew, out of the small head, clear round, innocent big eyes, strange looking at the world, it flew to the tip of the nose of the tree top, the treetop felt a little itchy, so touched the tip of the nose, pearl was stroked down, slipped to the side of the iris, the iris opened its eyes, it was dawn.

Iris clear throat, brew good prelude, every morning, it must report to the song, it is a can sing iris flower, with clear singing, wake up the intoxicated world, this is its mission: sing life, song as prosperous.


From me far away

Writing 18 Ying Dili

Its 10 years before retirement. I looked at the calendar.

Every time I encounter something unpleasant, I will subconsciously look at the calendar to see which stage of life I have come to and how far away from the next stage.

If I look back on the past, I can only remember the happy time when I was in college and just graduated from university. Further forward, its too vague; after that, its all bitter.

From 30 to 40 years old, it is the most difficult day of life. In work, it is the middle level in the unit, and the upper and lower levels are affected by splinters; in life, there are old people and young people at the top, and everyone has to worry about it. Every day is just tired of dealing with all kinds of things. I think when I retire and have my own time, everything will be OK.

Finally, I survived until I retired. During this period, I experienced the illness and departure of both parents. At that time, I was so tired that I was about to burst. However, there were two children, one in the rebellious period of youth, and the other was still in primary school. At that time, he told himself, you cant fall down, you must hold on.. Maybe Ive never had any special strengths. The only thing is that Im still resilient. Ive survived such a tough life. Retired, but I dont know what to do every day. Suddenly began to miss those days in the past.

One day, inadvertently, I saw a friends child sharing his writing punch in group. I remember that when I was reading, my composition was very good. Over the years, I had no particular interest in anything else. In the past, reading and writing were OK. Or I can try. Ive been writing for some time, but Im sorry to pick up this hobby now. My composition was praised by my teachers and classmates. I also found some fun in learning to write.

After a period of time, the eldest daughter-in-law is about to give birth, I want to help take care of it. The little grandson was born. It was lovely. To see him is like seeing my eldest son when he was a child. His flesh was soft and close to me. He called me mother sweetly. My daughter-in-law needs to go to work after taking maternity leave, and I help with my little grandson. Writing is on hold.

This weekend is the eldest sons family day, and my wife and I walked around the park nearby. A little girl came to hand out leaflets, which were the brochures of the travel company. My wife and I took a look. The little girls mouth was very sweet. My wife and I were coaxed to add her wechat and said to go back and think about it. After returning, the little girl pushed several places. It makes me feel very excited. My wife said go. I think about it and want to say, forget it. Were going. Whos going to take the kids. After a few years, when he grows up, well go.

If none of the above, am I still myself? Fortunately, Im too old to think about it.

When I was standing in line at the Naihe bridge, the people behind me patted me and said, do you have anything you dont want to forget in your life? I can teach you how to hide from Meng Pos soup. I drank Meng Pos soup.

I was born. I cry all the time.

I want to know who I am and who I should be except for those identities.

Inspiration -- wonderful

Perhaps there is nothing more uncertain than inspiration, just like the summer sun rain, suddenly come to an end, can not forecast the weather.

Epiphany is a beam of light suddenly across the brain, lit up a secret corner, you suddenly blessed the soul, understand a long-standing confusion.

Inspiration is more like a breeze passing by. You are surprised by this mysterious experience. You want to distinguish the taste of each one carefully, but you find that the wind has gone away and you dont know when to come back.

Epiphany, can also wait calmly.

Inspiration, however, needs to expand immediately.

From time to time, there are always ideas floating in my mind, which is mostly the love of wind signs.

Now, I often remember things with my notebook in my mobile phone. Although I still list the todo list and lecture points more often, I sometimes write down some temporary garrulous words because I read a stop sentence in an article or a tweet. Two excerpts are as follows.

Todays inspiration is about breaking away.

The process of giving up is not as difficult as expected. The clothes that have not been worn in two years will not be worn again. Some clothes have memory or commemorative significance, which can be photographed.

Breaking away is not only an arrangement, but also a way of thinking about life style. The number, style and category of goods often reflect ones self-identity, which is the embodiment of values.

Breaking away from the house is like removing scale, often removing new.

Life really needs very little, and everyone needs different things. The minimalist landmark character is the author of Walden lake, who once received an original English version from a friend. Although he has not finished reading due to the limitation of English reading level, he has been dreaming about a wooden house by the lake. Self sufficiency is a kind of strange life experience.


The future can be expected

Zhu Pingping

Writing for 100 days to the 100th day, the last day.

Looking back at the beginning, when I just joined the camp, I felt that 100 days was so far away that it was like a high mountain. It was almost amazing. Im afraid that I cant hold on, and I cant predict what will happen, what will be written down, and whether my mind will be exhausted.

Todays naive to 100 days, time is as fast as never experienced.

According to my timely summary, the current recorded text is 109672 words, excluding this article at the moment.

What is the concept of 100000 words, equivalent to the number of words in a light bestseller. For example, in recent years, the very popular breaking away from the house or palpitating life sorting magic is about this magnitude. If the 100000 words are published, reading is the whole afternoon. Find a coffee shop and order a cup of hot and sugar free tiramisumoka. When the coffee is finished, the book is finished.

Back to this long and fast 100 days. Every day, listening to my elder sisters voice and reading the homework card of the day have become my best expectation every day. This feeling is like opening a blind box, which is both expectant and exciting.

But as the elder sister said, what we have done in 100 days, we can do it in the future.

Go back to the beginning and ask yourself again, why do I write?

Writing is an emotional expression.

Writing is a way of socializing.

If youve ever published in words through Douban, Weibo, xiaohongshu or any social media, and youve received relevant comments. If you happen to have a good evaluation of the article, then you must be able to experience the happiness of being concerned and being commented on, which is a sense of achievement that is hard to buy.

Writing is a feeling.

I cant remember, in the long river of fate, at what time of day, I suddenly had the dream of writing, but it was just a dream, no action. When I was in University, I had a kind of hunger and thirst for knowledge in a short time. At that time, reading made me feel nourished. It was the first time in my life that I felt enriched by books.

If you read more, you will have the impulse to write. This is the input that creates the output.

I began to write a diary intensively, at least one page a day, in the dormitory, in the library, on the plane, and in the dim light of the laundry room. However, I wrote that some unknown difficulties deeply hindered my dream. Suddenly, one day, my inspiration was blocked, and I pressed the pause button for my original writing dream for a long time.

Writing is a kind of thinking.

On May 15, 100 days before I began to participate in writing training, I had already started to write tweets on my wechat public platform. But that kind of writing is a kind of natural text communication, and it is a natural emotional expression. Now, after going through the writing training camp, you will begin to pay attention to the writing methods. You need to find relevant materials purposefully. You will pay attention to the theme and style of your writing preference. You will also read similar articles for the full expression of a certain point of view. There will emerge a kind of thing called thinking. Only by thinking can we be profound and wonderful.

Writing is a kind of hope.

For us who live in the present, looking back at the past is a memory; looking forward to the future is hope. The past is fixed, the present is happening, and the future is unknowable. For the future, different people have different expectations and expectations. And writing is exactly the best way to look forward to the future. Of course, so is the movie. This is especially evident in American blockbusters. Those unimaginable futures in movies or reading have actually existed in life. This is the significance of writing to the future imagination. It has been placed on 10000 kinds of prospects for the future.

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