The 3-year-old girl was fed 70 Jin when the net red behind, is how many parents anxious utilitarian heart

 The 3-year-old girl was fed 70 Jin when the net red behind, is how many parents anxious utilitarian heart

You can only play it as well as you can

However, I did not expect that many children from birth, the first ordeal in life, is brought by their parents.


It doesnt take a test to be a parent.

But from the perspective of human nature, all individuals have their own selfish desires in their intimate relationships.

The vast majority of people can control their own desire, relatively selflessly raise their children.

In most peoples eyes, weight is a secret and a secret.

But in the eyes of the mother of a three-year-old girl, her daughters weight is a gimmick and a benefit.

On a video platform, an account has attracted peoples attention.

The key words of this account are:

3-year-old girl, 70 kg, daily food and drink.

From 18 years of registered account to now, this little girl, known as Peggy by her mother, has attracted peoples attention with her super large appetite and weight and shape that does not conform to her age.

Although she has less than 6000 fans, she has more than 10000 videos.

In order to catch the eye, the title of each video will repeatedly emphasize the girls weight, and her mother even describes her daughter with words like little fat and little fat girl.

At present, the account has been banned by the platform. The operator of the account, the mother of the little girl, responded: it is to record life. There is no abuse. It is fat at birth. The child just likes to eat. The doctor suggests to control the amount of food and not to lose weight deliberately.

Since her daughter refuses to eat, why should she continue to give her high calorie food?

The childs mind is not mature enough to clearly understand the demand for food. Does the parent not have the ability to distinguish the good from the bad?

If you just record your life, you dont have to publish it on the public network.

In the final analysis, or the interests behind this is too attractive, powerful can let people leave behind the blood thicker than water family.

Parents incompetence and desire, let their own lack of family responsibility imposed on these children who still need care.

And the children, nowhere to escape, can only continue to be reaped in advance by their parents.

Sanmao once said:

Most Chinese parents regard their children as their lifeblood and regard their children as the extension and continuation of their lives. Bind the childrens future with their own future, advance and retreat together, with joy and sorrow.

When this idea reaches its peak, the child becomes the personal property of the parents.


When some parents educate their children, they will have a preconceived idea: you are my child, I have the right to decide life for you.

Sometimes, the reason why parents love to tease their children is that they have a deep desire to control their children.

I make you cry, you have to cry, I make you afraid, you have to be afraid.

Parents need to control their childrens emotions at any time. In fact, they are just satisfying their own pleasure in manipulating their childrens life.

When parents say to their children:

I did it for your own good..

In fact, it is to adhere to their own inherent concept and value system, while meeting their own psychological needs.

Actor Zheng Shuang has been on the hot search frequently because of his performance in the live broadcast recently.

In a live broadcast a few days ago, some of her performances seemed to have been divorced from the publics understanding of her.

Han Han once said: with a pale childhood, there is a heartless prime of life.

Zheng Shuang, 29, is an old man in the entertainment industry. In many variety shows, you can see the scene of Zheng Shuangs emotional collapse.

Her mood is like a fuse, the slightest spark is detonated.

But in fact, her current state has something to do with her parents.

Parents with ordinary family background and less successful career put all their hopes on their daughter.

Zheng Shuang began to take part in various dance competitions at the age of 4.

When she was 11 years old, she was sent by her parents to study dancing in other places. Because she was young, she was bullied at school all the time, but her parents didnt pay attention to these things.

At the age of 16, her mother took her to Beijing Film Academy, and she was admitted to Beijing Film Academy. She became the youngest college student in her class.

This should have been the most arbitrary and innocent stage of a person, but it was manipulated by parents expectations, leaving the innocence prematurely.

Even a mask brand has been set up. Zheng Shuangs father also openly appealed to fans to buy his mask.

They took advantage of Zheng Shuangs popularity to participate in various variety shows and thoroughly released their desire for expression.

Her mother is still on the variety show, making no secret of her desire to be an actress.

Unwilling to be lonely, parents always love to find a sense of existence in their childrens life.

What parents should do most is not to interfere in childrens life, but to protect their childrens childhood as much as possible.


When a person has been happy and satisfied at the beginning of his life, his life will be rich and happy.

Childhood, at the mercy of others, boring and numb, at the beginning of life is all obedience and repression, affected not only childhood, but also the next life.

From the beginning of adulthood, in addition to completing their own growth tasks, people actually shoulder another huge mission to make up for the missing qualities in childhood and make themselves a more complete person.

Some parents, like the sun, glow in their childrens childhood, giving them endless energy.

Some parents, like the earth, silently nourish and protect their healthy growth.

Some parents, however, are like an unscrupulous boss who is blinded by money. They are eager for quick success and instant benefit, and will only exchange the wrong love for benefits.

As the saying goes, you can reap what you sow, and you will get what you sow.

To be a parent, we should learn to have proper company and exit with dignity.

Love is love and tenderness, not domination and control.

If you cant change your childhood, I wish you a bright future.

Have you ever been hurt by your native family?

Or have you ever hurt your child accidentally?