In the banquet, there is a default of grass and grass in the lake, and the elites from the north of the Qing Dynasty gathered in the street office to seal

 In the banquet, there is a default of grass and grass in the lake, and the elites from the north of the Qing Dynasty gathered in the street office to seal

On one side, there are all the masters and doctoral candidates from Tsinghua University and Peking University competing for jobs in sub district offices. This let the second elder brother sigh, ten years cold window, finally go to the window seal. Therefore, we must study hard to go to Tsinghua University and Peking University, so that we can have an examination of Yuhang sub district office.

They play hard to attract investment, vigorously support the industry, pay close attention to employment, vigorously engage in urban infrastructure construction, drink five drinks a day, and fly all day long. They can be called the most tired civil servants in the world. Now, they generally have more work than less.

The main engine is going out of service, which is the biggest corruption to the people and economic inaction. Now Yuhang District is changing the civil servants who drink five drinks a day into Xueba of Tsinghua University and Peking University. The idea is actually the same. Industries have been upgraded, so should people.

Deputy department level treatment, annual salary of 300000 ~ 500000. In this way, power and money attract the elites of the times.

Today, with the development of the reform of public institutions and the pursuit of marketization by several generations of people, today, the masters degree and doctoral students from Tsinghua University and Peking University are flocking to the streets to squeeze them, which still makes people smell the stench of power. Before crowding into the street office, every doctor and master of Tsinghua University and Peking University is bravely breaking into the power field.

These high-quality students who rush to the street remind me of the sterilized stone lion in front of Peking University Library. [portal

What did Tsinghua University and Peking University lose?

In order to live happily in the present, they just want to sharpen their heads to adapt to the rules, never question the rationality of the rules, let alone strive to change them.

Although they often call themselves or secretly regard themselves as social elites, they never want to think about what elite responsibility is. Although they advocate freedom, their pursuit of freedom has always been limited in the field of consumption and entertainment. It seems that they have nothing to do with themselves.

The core values of modern civilization, such as the rule of law, fairness, justice and so on, were originally the most important issues that should be considered in the University era. In their minds, they did not even flash for a moment.

Opening up their circle of friends, what comes to us is a vulgar market atmosphere that penetrates into the bones. If you dont believe it, you can talk to a few so-called masters students, doctoral students and even young scholars. Except for consumption, entertainment and some vulgar jokes, you cant have a qualitative discussion and exchange with most of them on any serious public topic.

A degree from a famous university and the dazzling light of a masters and doctors degree mean hard currency in the workplace and a middle-class living standard in the future.

However, this middle class has long been simplified as the social identity marked by houses and cars, without the cultural attributes of advocating the rule of law, justice and pluralism. These so-called social elites generally pursue their own interests, ignore the spirit of humanism and give up serious questioning of abstract values.

The mission of university is to criticize and reform the society.

It is a pity that most of the graduate students in famous Chinese schools have become so vulgar and utilitarian. Looking around, I have to say that what it has created is just a crop of professional craftsmen whose souls have been castrated.

These elites squeeze their heads to apply for the street office, which is really impressive, because they generally have diplomas, no culture and no soul.

Right poison

On the other hand, the proverb toasting without eating or drinking is a real version.

There is a young man, Xiao Yang, after graduation this year, through campus recruitment to become a new employee of Xiamen International Bank Beijing Branch Zhongguancun sub branch, the position is customer manager.

Can be small Yang in the units first dinner or stand on the children. Its all because he cant drink for personal reasons. He didnt drink in the past 10 years of his life, and he doesnt plan to drink in the future.

However, at the dinner table, the leader repeatedly asked him to change the drink into wine, but he refused. Angle As face sank, and he estimated that his heart was full of galloping horses. You think youre being offered a drink? People are just declaring power. A leader next to him couldnt hang on his face. After suffering for a while, he slapped Xiao Yang in the face with the strength of wine. He also said, Im good at you, but you dont drink the wine from corner A. are you stupid?.

Xiao Yang didnt swallow his anger. He immediately published a long article on Xinxins wechat group, exposing what happened that night, and quickly detonated the network and spread rapidly.

In the final analysis, I want to show that this matter has nothing to do with the bank, it is your private misconduct. But in fact, is it wine? Is this a beating thing?

None of them.

If you dont drink a toast from the leader, call me! In the face of the ability to make money, we have to admit that the leaders have many talents and hundreds of millions.

At the Chinese poetry conference, there was a question: the king of Chu has a good slim waist, and the palace is starved to death. Whose waist does thin waist refer to?

This allusion baffles many people!

A. The waist of the king of Chu

B. The waist of the Minister of Chu

C. Waist of beauty in Chu state

The correct answer to this question is B. the waist of the Minister of Chu, but most of the wrong answers choose C. the waist of a beauty in Chu.

They are not afraid that the leaders have principles, but that they have no hobbies. To put it bluntly, wine is just a name.

When the boss drinks to his subordinates, what he wants to test is your bottom line. In the final analysis, what you do is wine. Its execution. Whether to drink or not is executive power; how much to drink is combat effectiveness. The boss wants to know the execution and combat effectiveness of his team through toasting.

In the eyes of your boss, if you dont even want to drink, how can you persuade you to work overtime, go on a business trip, or even persuade you to do some illegal things with him? In other words, its a kind of mutual temptation. Everyone wants to know whether the other party is his own.

The so-called own people is whether they can do bad things together.

Beijing Pangu seven star hotel. This is a place that is either rich or expensive. What is the purpose of putting the dinner party in a luxurious hotel full of wine and wine? Is it to respect the young talents? Or the Daochang ceremony for the introduction of Finance

This is comparable to the scene of the film, but the voice of the dog, in order to discuss the hierarchical power of the generation.

If such a high food and beverage cost is a non-public dinner, it is that the leader can pay his own pocket and invite the employees to have a dinner of tens of thousands at will. It seems that the monthly income will also be tens of thousands, so it is not a big deal to punish the salary performance of one or two quarters.

How can he de, the leader of this company? Want new employees to give face and drink? Over the years, there seems to be little improvement in Chinas liquor culture.

The bad habit of persuading people to drink at banquets is enough to arouse peoples vigilance.

Some people cant drink alcohol. Its true that they cant drink. Alcohol is poison to them. Even if a person who can drink alcohol, excessive drinking can easily lead to other diseases. Is it still rare that people are advised to drink to death in the news?

Just imagine that Xiao Yang really couldnt persuade him to drink. He had a long time and two short comings. Without saying the family tragedy, those leaders could not escape the connection.

Therefore, the rules of the reckless Lake in the night banquet should be changed. Please take your wine and punish yourself by three cups. One is for the customers clothing and food, one is for the craftsman spirit of Luban, and the other is for houlang.

And its easy to pull out the radish and take out the mud, which will hurt the friendly army by mistake.