Do you sneak a look at your exs status?

 Do you sneak a look at your exs status?

The year after the break-up, I have been watching secretly. I found that he had a girlfriend, and I was completely sober.

Shes not my ex, is she? Ive been having an affair with her for years. Really should that sentence, at the beginning of the madness to think, now desperate to forget. Just after deleting all her contact information, I often go to the microblog to see her dynamic. She is always the first person I often visit. Strangers in her circle of friends can also view the latest ten news, and often Click to the added address book and delete it immediately. After a long time, I feel that I cant get any news about her. I dont want to receive any news about her now. Just dont come here.

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We are always willing to regard ourselves as the most important person in a relationship or a relationship. In fact, this is not the case. We should look forward to it.

Yes, its been more than half a month since I broke up. I still watch his micro blog secretly because of some unavoidable things.

Tiktok, WeChat, and I do not know how many times I can turn over a day.

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Even after a long time, all the contacts were deleted, but one day he would search for his micro signals in a curious way, and look at the micro-blog he wrote off. He is still in my Alipay buddy list. He hasnt changed his head for many years, and suddenly he saw his micro-blog registered again last week. In fact, we did not contact after the breakup, but I still hope that he did not have a good life, because he gave up such a good me.

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No, a qualified ex is like dead.

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Just break up, look at the number of micro steps to see the status of Alipays energy status. Whats the use. Dont be too idle. Dont worry yourself.

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Let go of the past is the embodiment of a persons maturity.

Look where your ex is picking up trash.

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Boring time will secretly look, aftertaste heart feeling.

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Uncle said: all the separation in the feelings is to make way for the right person. Therefore, you can feel sorry for a person who left you for a while, but you can never turn back frequently. Some roads will be accompanied by someone, but there are also some roads that are destined to go alone. The more such a time, the more you have to fight against those sad memories. Dont sink, dont tangle, dont waste too much time.