Experience of asking employees to write 600 words per hour on maternity leave

 Experience of asking employees to write 600 words per hour on maternity leave

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The company requires employees to write their own experience every day: 600 words per hour, and 50 yuan will be deducted for each wrong word

According to the previous report of Red Star News, on August 24, a company in Shanghai asked an employee to hand write sales support experience every day during maternity leave, attracting netizens attention.

According to the content of the email, the company asked the employee to complete a piece of sales support experience every day, with 600 words per hour. It should be handed over to the personnel before work every day. A wrong word will be fined 50 yuan, and a repeated sentence will be fined 100 yuan. A fine of 500 yuan will be imposed for late or missed payment. Considering the poor eyesight during lactation, we arrange handwriting for you to protect you The email address shows that the company is Shanghai banmuxuan Furniture Co., Ltd.

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At 14:57 on the 24th, the companys official micro blog issued a statement saying that in view of the task of writing experience assigned by the human resources department of the company recently, the company will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations such as the labor law of the peoples Republic of China, the labor contract law, the special provisions on labor protection of female employees, and other relevant laws and regulations after a complete investigation Reason. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees and fulfill the social obligations of enterprises, we also welcome and thank the supervision from all walks of life.

According to the industrial and commercial data, Shanghai banmuxuan Furniture Co., Ltd. was established on March 30, 2007. Its main business scope is furniture, daily necessities, office supplies, clothing, building materials, hardware and electricity, arts and crafts gifts wholesale and retail. The legal representative is LV Yongzhong, with a registered capital of 1.5 million yuan.

On the afternoon of the 24th, red star journalists repeatedly called the office phone of the company, but none of them answered. A staff member of LV Yongzhong design firm said that I know about this, but I cant reply on behalf of the company.

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According to public information, LV Yongzhong is a well-known designer in China. According to the official website of semi wood furniture company, he was born in 1968, graduated from Shanghai Tongji University in 90 years, and has been teaching for more than 20 years. He has been committed to interior space and furniture design for a long time. In 2015, Forbes Chinas most influential designer won the honor of national spirit builder in 2016. Banmu, founded in Shanghai by LV Yongzhong in 2006, is committed to the high-end original furniture and life brand of contemporary Oriental lifestyle.

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