Iqiyis misty theater has returned, but the reputation of the returned works has fallen!

 Iqiyis misty theater has returned, but the reputation of the returned works has fallen!

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There is no advertised return publicity, there is no declaration of Xi Da Pu Bens return, and iqiyis misty theater has quietly returned.

Its been a long time since the discussion on secret corner has disappeared. Only a few stars are still active on the screen. Some have received advertisements, some have gone to variety shows, and some have accepted many interviews. In short, the most topical suspense drama in this summer has been overshadowed by the later hit series, and thus the curtain has come to an end.

Thanks to the high quality of ten day game and secret corner, the return work extraordinary witness has also been placed high hopes. The director said that this is a story of living in the river, related to you and me, dying along the river and living against the current.

Extraordinary witness is starred by Song Yang, yuan Wenkang, you Jingru, Jiao gang and other actors. Several actors are powerful groups, especially Song Yang and Yuan Wenkang. They had a close cooperation in the film silent crack. They must get together again and play as double male masters. I believe it will be more wonderful.

The opening score of Douban is 8.6, which is enough to show the initial shock of the work to the audience. I thought that the score would be so strong, but unexpectedly, it has dropped to 6.4 now. Why is the gap so large between the two? Is it because the audience does not understand the story well enough? Or does the writer have a pot to carry?

The fog enveloped the whole town, just like the case was covered by heavy fog, what is the truth? Who is the killer? This is probably the focus both inside and outside the screen. Among them are Shan Shan (Song Yang), the only witness in the case 20 years ago.

The girl who died 20 years ago was named little white dove, and the mountain peak who secretly fell in love with the little white dove was called the accomplice of the murderer by his classmates because he was the only witness to the case, and finally left the town.

The narrative of very witness is very wonderful. It makes you believe that this person is the murderer, but then you realize that the original killer is someone else. But there are stories behind each of the suspects who appear on the stage, and there is an unfathomable human nature.

In fact, I can understand why it can drop from such a high score. The reason is that the story is scattered, the logic is strange, and the characters are flat.

First of all, the suspense plays that we are exposed to in our daily life are always tight clues, tight rhythms and high-energy plots. However, extraordinary witness uses a slow rhythm to tell a long-term case, which easily makes the audience lose patience.

In addition, the focus of extraordinary witness is not on reasoning, but on suspense, the reality of the investigation details and the obscure memories of the characters. Therefore, there will be some barriers between the presentation of many details and the audiences perception, lacking of logic, coupled with the confusion in editing and the disorder in rhythm, recall narrative can not make the audience produce empathy.

If the script is not good, it cant be saved. No matter how good the acting skills of Song Yang, yuan Wenkang and Jiao gang are, they cant hold up the characters and the plot.

So far, the case has been identified as a serial homicide case. The little white pigeon is not the first case, and certainly not the last one. The murderers way of killing has a strong sense of Ritual: the environment must choose rainy night, the method of committing the crime must be suffocating death, as well as the images of bamboo raft and haircut. Why do you want to commit such a crime? It is estimated that the answer will not be available until the case is revealed.

On the long road of pursuing the murderer, everyone has a heart in his mind, some bear guilt, some desire to be redeemed.

Similar to secret corner, Xiaobai boat is the Underworld Song throughout the secret corner. As soon as the song comes out, there will be a homicide. And in very witnessed, the existence of the song farewell has the same magic power as the little white boat.

The play may not meet the audiences expectations, but to some extent, it opens up another dimension of suspense drama, no longer entangled with the case itself, but to explore the people and things behind the case.

I hope that in the future, misty theater can have better performance. Recently, there are a lot of suspense dramas, such as white moonlight, very eyewitness and skyscraper. To be honest, the three works are still very interesting. I hope more excellent suspense works can be developed. There is still potential for China to do suspense!