Thats how all relationships fade

 Thats how all relationships fade

Once you turn it on and dont drink it, it breaks down in 12 hours.

It takes years to build a close relationship.

In twenty doubts, Jiang Xiaoguo once vowed that:

My friend Jiang Xiaoguo, whether it is 20 years, 30 years or 40 years, is still the same.

At that time, when I was with you, I could wait for my friend when it was dark;

I really think I can go for a lifetime.

But later, we went to different cities to develop and live;

Many people like to say:

Although we havent been in touch for a few years, we still have deep feelings.

This is self deception.

Can you tell me one thing hes been doing recently?

Do you remember his taste and music?

A beef noodle shop I used to visit has been open in the alley for many years.

I used to chat with my boss for a long time every time I went.

Long time no see, very busy.

We couldnt talk any more.

If you dont meet and dont contact, you will be more distant than before.

Li Zongsheng once sang a song called crossing the sea to see you:

For you, I spent half a years savings, floating across Haiti to see you.

Grow up to know, to squander and to cherish, in fact, is the same thing.

What cant be hidden is the love for a person.

We meet.

The misunderstanding that cannot be solved, the quarrel is not over, the anger in the heart is born;

Every time they go to see each others tickets, they keep them well.

By this year, they got married, and their feelings were as sweet as they had been.

To treat the most loved one, the most advanced etiquette is to meet directly.

As long as you say you want to see me, Ill buy the nearest train number and run to the station.

The moment I see you, I can do without any image.

Dont care about the eyes of passers-by, just want to embrace together.

Its hundreds of pages of chat, hours of voice chat;

You cant compare.

Its called meeting.

In no period after meeting, Yingying said to Haohan:

You have all my contact information. Lets go.

Some of the numbers you memorize will never be called.

A few years ago, I met my good friend, and I felt a lot;

I heard he was going back to Denmark, so I took him to the airport.

He insisted on not letting me take him to the station, but I saw it in the rearview mirror. He was watching me all the time.

I jokingly sent him a message:

Why, its like parting in life and death.

The voice he sent me was:

Next time we meet, we dont know when it is;

If you look at it more, youll have more fun.

You dont have to spend time explaining your past experiences, and youre your best friend.

Now we have to find all kinds of reasons to justify it

Too busy, no time, afraid to disturb, afraid of strangers

To explain their own absence in each others life.

I have comforted myself in this way:

A true friend is like a star, which cant always be seen;

But you know theyre there and they never leave.

Then ask yourself, how long have you not looked up at the stars?

Time and distance can be used to verify the feelings of two people.

But the saddest part is that you have a chance to stay in a relationship.

The traditional character of Qin is Qin, which means to tell you:

No matter what the relationship is, if you want to be intimate, you should meet frequently.

For those who want to cherish, take the initiative to make an appointment for a meal and meet.

Its nothing special. It doesnt have to be too heavy.

Missing you is the meaning of our meeting.