The first sale of glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong edition is well received, where is full screen productivity a?

 The first sale of glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong edition is well received, where is full screen productivity a?

7Nm sharp dragon 4000H series standard pressure processor, AMD is very Yes!

Glory Magic Book Pro is equipped with AMD sharp dragon 74800h processor. It adopts amdrade on graphics graphics card, 7Nm process technology, 8 cores and 16 thread design. The main frequency is 2.9ghz and the maximum acceleration frequency is 4.2ghz.

Glory magicbook Pro is the first lightweight notebook equipped with AMD standard voltage processor. Thanks to the excellent performance of amdr74000h series processor and the unique display performance of the radon graphics card, the performance of glory magicbook Pro has been greatly improved.

Multi screen collaboration makes office learning more convenient

Ruilong version of glory Magic Book Pro subverts the traditional transmission mode of document, picture and video sharing, which can easily complete the transmission between mobile phone and notebook, and realize the interconnection between multiple terminals. We touch the magic link label of the glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong notebook with the glory mobile phone that supports NFC function to complete the interconnection between the mobile phone and the PC.

Smaller body, bigger screen

Behind the 90% screen proportion of glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong is the powerful architecture stacking ability of glory Engineer: the engineer places the screen circuit driver in the rotating shaft, making the bottom frame about 14.6mm, which is narrower than the lower frame of friends. At the same time, the architects also adopted the solution of screen back glue, further narrowing the size of the frame to about 4.9mm on three sides. In addition, the glory notebook uses a hidden camera design, which adjusts the camera position to the keyboard, so as to retain the camera function for users, provide a safe and fast experience, and obtain a larger proportion of the screen.

Humanized function, the source of a + productivity

The Ruilong version of glory magicbook Pro also has very humanized functions: Although equipped with shark fin dual fan version 2.0 and game level fan motor, the glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version can guarantee the noise control requirements of work and learning environment; the body design of glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong version is more compact, with a light weight of about 1.7kg, realizing lightweight and portable.

Glory Magic Book Pro Ruilong edition integrates full screen vision, higher performance and more convenient interconnection with mobile phones. As a flagship full screen lightweight notebook with high quality price ratio, it is worthy of the title of super large cup in magicbook Pro Ruilong version of lightweight notebook.