The story of foster care? Love diary? The six love stories before Tian Tians debut

 The story of foster care? Love diary? The six love stories before Tian Tians debut

But before we start, I have to tell you with regret that Zhang Liangyings emotional life will be divided into two parts.

The reason is that after collecting more and more information, I found that Zhang Liangying and Feng Kes 12-year relationship is more complicated than I imagined

Lets clarify the Zhang Liangyings love history which is widely spread on the Internet, and distinguish which rumors are fabricated out of thin air and which are real hammers.

If you want to fatten up and watch again, you can exit after the buffer.


From Tianya singer girl to talent star

First of all, Ill give you a simple list of all the gossip about Zhang Liangying

4. Feng Ke (dont you need to introduce it : solid hammer

5. Huang Jianxiang (host, sports commentator): fake material

6. Yamano (Chengdu singer): fake material

The part after the colon in the table of contents is the inference drawn after I cross checked many materials. If you have the opposite evidence after reading the following, welcome to the comment area.

Clothing store owner Liao Mou

After her fathers death, Zhang Liangying, who did not want to rely on others, chose to stay in the bar to support her family while reading.

That year, she was 15.

Four years later, Zhang Liangying became famous through the super girl talent show. A so-called insider disclosed to a weekly:

It is said that Liao is the boss of a clothing store in Chengdu.

Soon, Liao launched a fierce pursuit of Zhang Liangying.

Soon, Zhang Liangying fell into Liaos love offensive.

However, the good times are not long.

It is said that Liao even hit her after a drunk.

In 2005, a weekly found Liao and asked him to talk about Zhang Liangying. Liao did not deny that he had ever been in love with Zhang Liangying, but declined to be interviewed.

Singer Xi Jiachuan

At that time, Zhang Liangying was under 18 and was studying in a vocational high school; Xi Jiachuan, who had just graduated from University, worked in a Planning Institute during the day and sang in a bar at night.

When Zhang Liangying joined, the Yuanzhe band with Xi Jiachuan as the lead singer had been established for three years and had won prizes in various campus competitions.

Day and night get along, Zhang Liangying and Xi Jiachuan also unknowingly come together.

About a year later, the two broke up (the reason will be explained later) and the band broke up.

In 2007, Xi Jiachuan took part in the first Happy Mens voice and stopped in the championship competition of Chengdu singing area.

Professor Zhang with multiple identities

In fact, this year, Zhang Liangying has won the national championship of shining star college singer selection contest held by Warner records.

According to the so-called insiders, it was during the music house period that Zhang Liangying met Professor Zhang of a university and went to Sichuan University to study under his support.

In fact, after a comprehensive analysis and cross validation of the data from various parties, she believes that:

The so-called Professor Zhang is 99% likely to be a nonexistent figure.

The reasons are as follows:

1. Zhang Liangying deleted her blog in 2015, saying that she and Feng Ke had known each other for 12 years;

2. Feng Ke was born in 1965 and was 38 years old in 2003, which is in line with the so-called 38 year old professor Zhang;

3. Later, when Zhangs mother argued against Zhang Liangyings marriage, she once produced a letter of commitment forged by Feng Ke, which showed that Feng Ke had a daughter, which was in line with the disclosure.

The key issue is the timeline.

According to an authoritative media interview with Yuanzhe band members, Zhang Liangying and Xi Jiachuan met in the second half of 2002, and then began to fall in love with each other for at least half a year.

After Ben quit the band, Zhang Liangying did not leave

It was only after breaking up with Xi Jiachuan that he quit the band

Moreover, Xi Jiachuan once implicitly expressed in an interview in 2014 that the person who snatched Zhang Liangying from her side is crucial to her current situation.

This person can only be Feng Ke.

Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that Professor Zhangs multiple identities are likely to be the result of malicious processing after the informant mixed up the careers of Zhang Liangyings former boyfriends.

Bar owner:

The prototype is Zhang Liangyings first love of Liao;

University Professors:

The prototype is Feng Ke.

Its not surprising that Feng Ke was misunderstood as a teacher in his early years.

Photo of Feng Ke and Zhang Liangying in 2003

Two fake materials: Chengdu singer Shanye and famous singer Huang Jianxiang

After straightening out the time line of Zhang Liangyings feelings, it is not difficult to find that Huang Jianxiangs section is definitely false material.

Now we know that Zhang Liangying was already with Feng Ke at that time.

1. Huang Jianxiang has publicly said that he is a cold powder;

But its not true. Its not true.

Yamano clarified this in 2005.

1. Zhang Liangying prefers older men;

2. It is a rumor that Zhang Liangying is kept by Professor Zhang;

4. Before Zhang Liangyings debut, Feng Ke is likely to have been involved in Zhang Liangyings career.

Thats all for todays tweet. In Zhang Liangyings feelings (Part 2), well talk about it comprehensively:

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