Whether a person loves you or not will be known in a festival

 Whether a person loves you or not will be known in a festival

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On August 10, we suddenly received a notice to support Urumqi. A group of lovely people united to overcome the difficulties. The cases in Urumqi were cleared one after another. On August 21, we returned to Shihezi. The families of Shihezi Party school accepted us and began the life of single room and locked door.

On August 25, 2020, on the Chinese Valentines day, we didnt spend time with our loved ones and family members. Instead, we separated the window with our comrades in arms and the staff of the Party school. The epidemic situation isolated people but not love. Thank you for these lovely people.

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On the eve of the seventh lunar new year, we spent 184 days together, had a barbecue together, and then went home to have a chat. It felt like a thief.


Last Chinese Valentines day together. Eat, go shopping, watch movies. As usual, but not the same. He said the planned proposal turned into a confession. Even if I dont give up, I still need to work hard. There is a long way to go. I hope you and I are all well. Happy with you.


Our first Valentines day together, there was no surprise, no gift, no flower. I wanted to take me to have a meal after work. There were a lot of people in line. I didnt eat the meal and I was in a traffic jam. I was in a bad mood. I always felt that I was not a material girl. When I bought things for him at home, I always wavered. I didnt know that he was good to me Its not that I care about me, but this Valentines day has shaken me. I wanted to go home to see my parents. I was really shaken. I felt a little sad and a little confused.


Today, my boyfriend and I were both at work on the Chinese Valentines day. We thought we couldnt see each other. But because I wanted to eat the food he cooked, he made it all the way from work. At eight oclock in the evening, we had dinner at my work place and bought me Assam milk tea. Today is also our 660th day together. This period of time is very hard, but because of his company, I tasted the sweetness of life. Weibo, love you.



August 25, 2020, the first Chinese Valentines day after marriage, as always, there are no gifts and no surprises! Say youre not happy? It seems that Im not unhappy. Ive been enjoying two cups of Rose lemon tea with friends. It tastes sour and sweet

Then he was asked by a friend to try a new shop Thai style food stall. Full of Lei stepped on it like this! There is no next chance (waiting in line for an hour, waiting for a meal for an hour, eating for three minutes) and then walking home, I took a funny picture by using the mobile phone light at the stairway, hahaha!

Today is Chinese Valentines day. Its also a birthday party for a friend. I had too much to drink in the afternoon. Hold me in KTV and fall asleep. After dinner, he went home in a daze. Hold me and refuse to let me go. I got the bracelet from him. His family name was engraved. The one with my name has been with him for a long time.


On Chinese New Years Eve, a person has a cup of milk tea, a ticket and a movie. Life needs a sense of ceremony. Since others cant give me the sense of ceremony I want, Ill give it to myself, but its not that I cant afford it.

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Today broke up, heartache, also feel oneself good funny, would rather never start.

@Mo Mo Mo

Today is my first Chinese Valentines day with him. But today, I was just about to leave Shenzhen by car, and then he was busy debating things. Although he wanted him to see me off, the reality did not allow me.

Although we didnt see each other today, he came to my house suddenly the day before yesterday afternoon. He played games with me all morning and chatted with me all day. In short, he was very happy! I hope we can see him often after the epidemic is over! (we are not in the same school)

Because of the long working distance, he drove for two hours. He was ready to come back today. I told him not to come back. It was eight or nine oclock after work, and he had to leave at five or six the next day. I said that life is not just one day, but every day. I hope he can spend more time with me. He doesnt listen to me. He goes shopping with his colleagues after work and doesnt answer his phone. When he comes back, he calls him. Wechat is black and the phone doesnt answer.

@Le Ye

An unforgettable Chinese Valentines day, which was the first Chinese Valentines day after marriage, never thought it was the day of divorce.


For single dogs, there are always a few days of the year when they are uncomfortable.

@Blue color drunk City

On the night of August 24, he quarreled because he forgot to send the red envelope at 0:00 when playing the game. Ha ha, maybe the game is more important.


@Embrace happiness

Today, Valentines day, he didnt buy me flowers or bring me a gift, but he took me out to play, happy or sad, for different reasons. Im not sure whether he loves me or not. Sometimes I feel he loves because he will pick me up after driving home for more than an hour when I cant get a car. Sometimes he doesnt love me. He always does things without considering my feelings, so what kind of feelings is this Ah!

A lot of times I think he loves you, but when you calm down, you find that the heart is really painful and cold. His cold and hot let me worry about gains and losses, his sweet words can cover all the scars, why, every time I compromise, in tolerance. I think its time for me to let go, to start afresh and to adjust my mind. No gifts, no romance, no birthday greetings, no concern, such love is still worth it? Is there love in this way?

@A leaf knows the autumn

Tanabata was supposed to go to the aquarium, but after a fight, he went back to work. My friend and I went shopping. During the cold war. A lover has a Valentines day like no Valentines day, disappointment again and again, feel disheartened, save enough to leave it!

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@Recalling the bitter and thinking of the sweet

From morning, he waited for him to receive messages, never received gifts, and did not receive sweet words. After waiting for a whole days results, he was photographed himself in the works of his fast hand, and the following paragraph was not related to me today. She and his world had her, they accepted loneliness, accepted loss, accepted imperfect themselves, and occasionally were defeated by Kwai Fu, never mind accepting it. When you cant bear it, learn to let go of yourself

Ive been with three young lovers in my family. I said husband, Tanabata Festival, what gift do you give me? (in fact, I dont have much hope. I havent had a holiday after 11 years of marriage. uff09Husband said, festival is a waste of money, what festival? So today, I went to eat hamburgers with the children, went shopping to buy clothes, went to the playground for a day, and gave myself a happy life!


Love for seven months, the same city, no meet, no gifts, no surprise, as usual.

@ABC Jun

The first Chinese Valentines day together was spent in the cold war, and the prepared gifts were left there.

Of course, if a man attaches great importance to the sense of ceremony, he can carefully prepare holiday gifts for you, and he is willing to spend time with you, then it shows that he really loves you.

Otherwise, it means that he is not true to you.