This time, he even knelt down for a third party and begged me for divorce: would cheating be addictive?

 This time, he even knelt down for a third party and begged me for divorce: would cheating be addictive?

Chen Chen doesnt want to get divorced, but he is so indecisive that he cant be separated from him. The girl he met this time recognized that he was a soft bone who could chew on, and he was entangled for two months without getting rid of it.

The little girl told Chen Chen that it was the first time that she fell in love with him. She couldnt extricate herself from her love and pestered him to leave the marriage and marry her.

At first, Chen Chen didnt take it seriously. She thought she was just playing. She didnt expect that she would take a intimate photo of the two people and find Yang Min, who was still very big at that time, to leave.

Some third parties are cruel enough to choose the most vulnerable moment of their wives psychology in order to be superior by any means. As long as the wifes heart is broken, the husband is hard to be forgiven, and the possibility of divorce will be greater in the future.

However, as a mother, Yang Mins determination to be stronger, she first let herself calm down, until the birth of the child, she kept her husbands cold treatment, and after the smooth production and recovery of energy, she could deal with this matter again.

When the baby was born, Chen Chen almost completely returned to the family. For more than a month after the birth of the baby, he went around the mother and son every day.

Looking at Chen Chen Chens busy schedule and taking good care of her children, Yang Min gradually softened. She agreed to give him the last week to finish the work. From then on, the family had a good life.

It may be that the little girl lost interest in Chen Chen, or she may have found a more profitable goal, and she no longer entangled herself. Chen Chen deleted all the contact information of the other party and returned to the family.

Derailment is a serious car accident in marriage. Some people are afraid of riding, while others are addicted to the stimulation of extramarital affairs.

It has been four years since Chen Chen returned last time. When her child was one year old, Yang Min returned to the workplace, and Chen Chens own small company developed smoothly.

Chen Chens attitude was a bit hesitant when he was exposed again this time. He considered that the other party was a business partner. If he broke his face, many large projects could not be negotiated without the help of the other party.

Chen Chen admitted that the two have known each other for more than a year. They meet each other in the name of business trip every month. In order to avoid being found out, they buy air tickets separately and fly to any city in China to meet each other. The woman also spends a lot of money, and she pays for almost all the expenses during the date.

Such a state is exactly Chen Chen Chens ideal happy marriage. In marriage, his wife and children are peaceful and his family is happy. Outside marriage, he has both love and career. He once dreamed that it would be great if he could live like this for the rest of his life.

The happy life of extramarital affairs has been concealed smoothly for nearly two years. Now that the matter is exposed again, he kneels down in front of Yang Min again

If the little girl in the previous extramarital affair once clamored for money and fame, it can only be regarded as a low-level means, then this time the third party can be said to be the most advanced.

During the epidemic, Chen Chens company was in a deficit. The other party offered to lend him 500000 yuan to fill in the deficit. He also told him that he was not in a hurry to pay him back. As long as he could be seen every month, the two people could have their own tryst. The woman only hoped that Chen Chen could accompany her wholeheartedly in this relationship.

The day after the text message was found, Chen Chen carefully broke up. Unexpectedly, the other party immediately changed his face and asked him to talk to his wife about the three people line and divorce, but he would never let go.

The third party also pressed Chen Chen step by step and gave an ultimatum to Chen Chen. If he could get a divorce and become her little boyfriend, she could not ask him to pay back the money, and the business would continue to take care of it, and he would not be prevented from going to see the children.

In those years, Yang Min endured for the family choice once and suffered for 4 years. Now he still insists on waiting for the slag mans divorce

She didnt understand which step was wrong?

The man who swore to take care of himself for a lifetime has now become a heartless man who takes children as a shield and cries for success!


In life, this kind of man who has been unfaithful to temptation at first, if he doesnt use the right method to return to his family in the future, the other side will probably cheat again and again.

As a wife, if you dont want to repeat Yang Mins mistakes and encounter repeated betrayal, how should we deal with and prevent partner cheating?

First of all, we need to do two things before we can save our partner and maintain our marriage.

1. Control your emotions and dont let them collapse easily.

No woman can keep calm and not explode when she hears about her husbands cheating. Anger, resentment and sadness are normal emotions, but that doesnt mean it needs to last for a long time.

Cold treatment like Yang Min is more effective sometimes. A man is not stupid. If you dont throw a knife at him, he wont be in a hurry to take action.

2. Avoid a common strategy of hitting the wall when a partner is cheating.

When many of our wives recover from their infidelity, they will fall into an extreme recovery strategy because of their temporary emotional collapse.

If he is in a sweet period with a third party, he will probably have a hard time and blame you for forcing him to do so.

1. Help men to understand the essence of green tea / White Lotus of high rank third party.

A lot of men cheat really think that they have met true love. A high-grade green tea can induce a man to choose to be divorced for her.

If we can give our men a preventive shot and teach them how to recognize green tea when there is no such woman around him, then the possibility of your marriage falling into crisis will be reduced.

2. To help men realize the value of Home > the temptation of extramarital affairs is the strongest way to win.

Those beautiful and warm marriage, sometimes will be covered by the trivial and boring life, covered with a layer of ash.

When wives manage their marriage, they need to learn to stir each others heartstrings from time to time, arouse his deep love and attachment to himself, brush off the dust on the surface, and let him remember the beauty and value of family again and again.