Endless wechat voting

 Endless wechat voting

Its just that you move your finger. Why waste money. Some students said.

Mr. a replied that its not a question of moving ones finger. Its a reflection of deep friendship.

I am very glad that I have caught up with the vote, otherwise, I will become a bad person who does not talk about friendship.

A Juns canvassing is not literature this time, but helping his granddaughter select the citys most cute baby. He not only canvassed votes in the group of classmates, but also told everyone to turn to other groups.

After Mr. a canvassed for the first time, I took part in many voting activities of other groups. The most beautiful boss, the most beautiful city, the most beautiful countryside, the most beautiful young woman, the most beautiful spicy mother, the most beautiful doctor and nurse, the most beautiful teacher, and some also rated the most beautiful sow, the most beautiful goat, the most beautiful rooster, the most cute cat and dog, and so on.

Just like last time, Mr. a sent several hundred yuan red envelopes for everyone to rob. After grabbing the red envelope, they still click on the link, and after voting, they still send the screenshots to the group to verify their identity.

This kind of activity is too boring. What can a two or three-year-old baby be judged as the most cute baby? In addition, some of them need to answer questions and some need to input their ID card numbers. They all have ulterior purposes, either for name or for profit. Who will do something without fame or wealth? Are you full?

I was so tired and disgusted by this kind of voting that I adopted the strategy of diving for Mr. A, pretending that I had never been in the group. I thought, I dont know if its not a crime. You shouldnt blame me.

The selection is finally over. A Juns granddaughter rated the most cute baby. But its strange that Jun a didnt invite dinner this time.

A few days ago, I ran into c jun in the street.

Have you been on a business trip recently? C asked.

Not at all. I was surprised to see how he asked.

No business trip. Why didnt you come to dinner the day before yesterday? Everyones here. Youre the only one. C Jun said.

What kind of meal? Im more confused.

Thank you for voting! Didnt you know? C jun looks surprised.

Yes, Mr. A is so affectionate and righteous that he wont give notice. C Jun said.

Thats it. I nodded in a hurry.

Leaving C Jun, I immediately regret. Its over! Mr. A has a problem with me. There is no airtight wall in the world. If you dont vote, you will gradually know that you will blame me for being heartless. Why am I so confused? Isnt it just moving your fingers? Whats more true!

Alas - I dont know what to do when I see a Jun in this small county town where I cant see my head down. I dare not go to the group.

Just at this time, my wife sent a wechat saying that my mother-in-law was participating in a selection activity for the most beautiful mother-in-law. She told me to turn around the circle of friends, yell and cheer for tickets.

Oh, my mother!

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From the blue edition of the story club, September 2018