Children prostitute Village: the youngest is only 5 years old, 10 dollars a time, abnormal requirements are met

 Children prostitute Village: the youngest is only 5 years old, 10 dollars a time, abnormal requirements are met

Do evil in the guise of charity

Morris, 72, took her granddaughter to a remote village in Kenya for a holiday.

And Morriss enthusiastic support has brought hope to them.

Building houses, building roads and subsidizing children to go to school, Morris became a local philanthropist.

However, the old man dressed in a charity coat, doing animal business.

He used his granddaughter to get close to the local little girl and do something wrong.

He would take a group of children out to play, buy them snacks and clothes, dress them up, and finally take them to the hotel.

Many unjust deeds will kill themselves. Morriss animal behavior was finally found out by the hotel guests and called the police.

With the further investigation of the police, Morriss hypocritical mask was completely torn off.

For 20 years, Morris has been sexually assaulting children in the name of charity. Everywhere he goes, countless children are poisoned by him.

In Kenya, out of the trust of the local people, he took his children to a hotel and violated or even sexually assaulted the same girl more than 20 times.

After the crime was revealed, Morris tried to bribe Kenyan residents to prove his innocence and forced the girl victim to sign a statement admitting that sexual abuse did not occur.

In the end, Morris was sentenced to 18 years and 6 months in prison.

For 20 years, I dont know how many children have been victimized and what kind of darkness they have experienced.

The evil of human nature is already terrible, and the evil covered by kindness in disguise is even more chilling.

Child sexual abuse and abuse are the norm in Kenya.

Greg and his wife set up an orphanage in the area, providing food and shelter for countless homeless orphans.

Everyone was praising Greg as the Savior, and the children in the orphanage regarded him as their father.

However, to my surprise, within two years, Gregs animal nature was exposed.

He began to sexually abuse the children of the orphanage. Whats more, his wife was very clear about Gregs animal behavior. He not only did not stop him, but also helped him.

In order to avoid the disaster caused by the pregnancy of the sexually abused girl, she forced the victim girl to contraception.

This hell of torture, as long as 10 years.

The identity of a missionary, like a fig leaf, was used to cover up his crimes.

Behind the cover, there is a deep evil of human nature.

Kenya has become a paradise for pedophiles in the west, the Guardian reported.


Just like Morriss case of sexual assault on girls, many parents of girls are also aware of it, but in the final analysis, they can not do without Morriss funding.

In other words, in order to meet the basic needs of survival, they can only endure the dirty exchange, whether they like it or not, or they will eventually starve to death.

Even girls who are sexually assaulted choose to acquiesce: if Morris goes to prison, our whole family will have to starve.

Extreme poverty makes them suffer.

In the slums of Nairobi, Kenyas capital, two-thirds of girls trade sex for sanitary napkins.

The head of the United Nations Childrens Fund in Kenya, trevitt, said that due to the backward local economy and inconvenient transportation, many women have suffered sexual abuse in order to obtain physiological supplies.

The vast majority of local women in Kenya use old cloth, chicken feathers, and even soil as sanitary napkins.

On the one hand, western countries have severe punishment measures against pedophilia, so they have to extend their claws to backward Africa.

When living is a problem, everything has to be compromised. Dignity and personality are worthless.

Personal poverty is a small pit, while the whole countrys general poverty has become an abyss, and few people can climb out.


Pedophilia is a disease

Child pornography is rampant

If there is a demand, there will be a market. It is precisely because of the existence of paedophiles, although child pornography has become a legal red line, it is still prohibited repeatedly.

In order to meet the abnormal needs of paedophilia, children enter the sex market.

According to the report of the United Nations Childrens Fund:

Behind the figures is the rampant child pornography industry.

Child prostitutes become the most miserable group.

The documentary dark net pulled off the cover of child pornography and put the bloody reality in front of the public.

The dark net is a child pornography industry chain operated by underground organizations, and also a secret place for pedophiles to satisfy their lust.

Here, the children will face the terrible invitation at night every day.

I saw a foreign man in his 50s staring at me naked.

Surprisingly, the number of child pornography is beyond imagination. There are more than 100 million photos of childrens sexual behavior, which does not include the huge number of child pornography videos and live broadcast.

Whats more, the children who are involved in the sex industry are getting younger and younger, some even babies.

The BBC Documentary mothers who make money from child prostitution has such a scene

Through social media, mothers send images and photos of their children to buyers, you can do anything that makes you happy.

Which child can I choose and what can I do?

Looking at the young children still in my arms and being used by their mother as a sex tool to make money, I feel extremely uncomfortable.

Not only in the Philippines, child prostitution has spread globally.

In Cambodia, a small town about 500 kilometers away from Phnom Penh, the pimp guest house and the emperors land solicit customers on the street.

The young prostitutes here are only five years old, and the older ones are thirteen or fourteen years old.

At $10 a time, they have to accept whatever the guests ask, even if its a very abnormal request.

In Bangladesh, pimps are forcing girls to take steroids to make them look plump in order to attract more clients. But such drugs, long-term use will be directly fatal.

In Brazil, the highway from Rio de Janeiro to Fortaleza is known as the Inferno highway. Every day, thousands of underage girls canvass here, earning 8 pounds (about 78 yuan) at a time, and will be kicked out of the car at the end of the transaction.

Sexually transmitted diseases, sexual abuse and beatings are their daily life.

Abduction, forced by their families, minors were sent to mens bed.

So, what are the evil roots of this deal?

Some people say its those perverted pedophiles. It makes sense, but its not entirely true.

A pimp once said: its not necessarily pedophilia who are looking for a child prostitute. Some just want to find a virgin.

The public hatred of paedophilia is very obvious. From the perspective of psychiatry, paedophilia is a kind of abnormal sexual abnormality, which shows strong sexual impulse to adolescent or undeveloped children.

Moreover, this tendency is basically accompanied by a lifetime, not an individual can choose.

As in the documentary, David, a paedophile from Canada, said, I can only say that I really hope I dont have this desire.

Paedophilia is a kind of mental illness, which is uncontrollable. There is no absolute right or wrong in itself.

But whats terrible is that pedophilia, which is put into action, has committed crimes such as sexual assault on children, sex trading and watching children naked live.

Whose fault is the root of this transaction? What are the roles of children, parents and paedophilia?

Is it not hateful to push children into the fire for the sake of interests? In their eyes, the only value of children is to make money.

In the end, the most pitiful part of this bloody deal is the children. Young and ignorant, they dont know anything, so they are pushed into this dirty trade, suffering from the double devastation of body and spirit.

Everyone attributed the dark deal to the original sin of poverty. Because there is no choice but to be exploited.

I dont know who can save these poor children in hell.

But, like the children in Morris case, it is really stupid to place their hope on the wicked.

I hope that one day, every child can stand in the sun equally, regardless of color and origin.

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