Quiet and death colored lipstick and jeans with big holes

 Quiet and death colored lipstick and jeans with big holes

The black-and-white coat can be more comfortable for the ladies to wear, and we think that the black and white coat can not be too tight to create a sense of balance, and we can try to create a more relaxed black and white jacket.

Jeans are classic and versatile, and the material is strong and straight. They are very thin on the body. Moreover, the style of these pants is relatively neutral. Whether it is a little brother or a young sister, you can control it!

Whats more, tranquility not only chooses white jeans, but also combines with a large area of holes. These holes are designed with wild flavor, and the trouser legs are folded up. With sports shoes, you can create slim ankles. The combination of tightness and elasticity is also very thin. Do you envy such a good figure?

When choosing the pants with holes, the first thing they think about is the location of the holes. If you want to be bold, you can choose the elements of holes on both sides of the thighs like the above. It can not only show thigh skin, but also super personality.

If you want to keep a low profile, you can take some simple hole design. The elements of holes should not be too dense. For example, the jeans above are designed with holes on both sides of the thigh, which is very low-key.

Worn pants

Suit + perforated pants

How to match the pants with holes? In fact, with a suit is absolutely a good choice, through casual and street feeling super strong hole pants and suit to form a strong contrast, and can neutralize the dull feeling of the suit.

Broken pants can not only be on the street, but also sexy. For example, the matching of bottoming shirt and broken trousers is very thin. Most of the broken pants are loose. Ladies can choose some slim bottoming shirts. The combination of tightness and elasticity can make our figure curve better show, so that you can have more charm.

Shirt + hole pants

And the shirt and hole pants collocation is also very good, the following Yi Nengjing choose a printed shirt with blue jeans hole pants. The waist is paired with a waistband to highlight the waistline and split the upper and lower body proportions.

In addition to long jeans with holes, you can also try some short jeans with holes. The short design is more thin and shows sexy legs, which makes people feel more fresh. When matching with a shirt, you can tuck the shirt into the waist to highlight the waistline. Therefore, the figure comparison can be adjusted.

The jeans with strong Street feeling are very fashionable and easy to match. Ladies and sisters can try more pairs of jeans with holes~