Dont pat the lotion any more. Its not only hurt the skin but also cost money! Learn how to use it

 Dont pat the lotion any more. Its not only hurt the skin but also cost money! Learn how to use it

And Zheng Shuang, who uses the bathroom as a laboratory, holds bottles and jars to make a self-made cleansing mousse.

Recently, a friend asked:

Miya, the last time I saw Miss beauty, Huang Shengyi had to take seven times of lotion for skin care at night. Many people in xiaohs book also shared that it was necessary to pat the lotion several times in order to ensure that the skin was not dry and sensitive. is that true?

Lets take a look at Yizis makeup lotion

The first step: first with make-up water to do the second cleaning;

The second step: make up water wet compress;

Step 3: make up water pat face, 1 time, 2 times, a total of 7 times uff5e

Does cosmetic lotion really need to be used like this? How to use it correctly? Lets talk about it today

1u3001 What is the function of toner?

Want to know how to use make-up water, or to understand the role of make-up water in skin care.

We have always said: to talk about the efficacy of a product, or to start with the composition of the product. In fact, all products, whether they are essence, make-up water, cream or lotion, are basic functions or moisturizing.

In fact, second clean water is the source of make-up water. The early cleaning products were mainly composed of soap based surface active ingredients, but the water softening technology was not mature enough at that time.

The alkali in the soap base component is easy to react with metal ions in tap water, forming a layer of soap scale on the skin surface. Soap scale can damage the skin barrier on the skin surface.

So formulators try to use alcohol based make-up water and wipe it after cleaning to help remove soap on the skin surface. But later, with the improvement of water softening technology, and everyone began to use amino acids or APG surface cleaning, in fact, this problem no longer exists.

But the habit of using make-up water has been formed. So gradually produced a variety of skin lotion, toner or essence of water. In fact, they are all one kind of thing, but the ingredients are different.

And now we use make-up water to do a second cleaning, just wipe with water. If you have to ask if it is useful, it does.

Make up water to wipe the skin can help exfoliate ah, after wiping off the old waste horniness, the skin looks more white, tender and smooth. The yellow things on the cotton pad are wiped off. After wiping, I feel that the dirty things have been wiped off (in fact, the cuticle of the skin). My heart is also very stable and cool

But from the point of view of rational skin care, its really unnecessary - but if you want to wipe it, just wipe it.

So every time someone asked me if such and such water can be used as secondary clean water, I would say: any water can be used as secondary clean water, tap water can be. When you understand the basic use of secondary cleaning water, you will not stick to secondary cleaning.

2u3001 How to use cosmetic lotion?

Waste water, time and money;

Skin injury;

Why to say hurt skin? We said before: wipe the skin with wet cotton pad is to remove the old waste horniness on the surface of the skin by friction. But the skin horniness itself will metabolize, plus usually washes the face, cleans, the skin contact friction and so on will metabolize.

Wipe with cotton pad every day, plus a lot of people have the habit of deep cleaning and exfoliating. These skin care methods combined with long-term use will inevitably cause horny damage.

And cutin is a part of the skin barrier, cutin damage also means barrier damage. This is how sensitive muscles are formed day by day.

In addition, frequent wet compress can also lead to excessive hydration of the stratum corneum, and pat makeup water is also a kind of stimulation to the skin. Long term to maintain such skin care methods, unchanged sensitive muscle is strange.

Correct usage of toner?

In addition, I have always stressed that make-up water is not a necessity for skin care. On moisturizing, make-up water moisturizing capacity is not as good as emulsion, cream and face oil. The penetration of active ingredients is enough.

There are so many kinds of skin care products on the market that you really dont need every single product. We always emphasize: skin care, lessismore. Streamlining skin care is the long-term persistence and effectiveness.