The 40 year old Japanese blogger is popular by wearing clothes

 The 40 year old Japanese blogger is popular by wearing clothes

40 plus women, it is the time for them to have a successful career, so the shirt can make them look more elegant and confident, which is very suitable for the workplace, especially the loose shirt, which can make people look comfortable and comfortable. The loose version can also be combined with the waist closing design, with a trace of playfulness in comfort.

The waisted shirt is particularly suitable for matching with a skirt. However, there are requirements for the shape of the skirt. The fluffy skirt will be more suitable. The loose skirt makes the whole dress look like a dress. The simple and dynamic light green department is also super aging, light and elegant.

There are various ways to wear shirts. For longer shirts, you can choose to wear them in pants. Women from 40 families can also go after a good body proportion. Tucking the shirt in the pants can make the upper body shorter visually. With a pair of slim high heels, you can easily wear a long leg.

For 40 year old women, the choice of color is very important. Simple black and white cant be wrong, but it will be boring after a long time. Therefore, you can choose some low-key Morandi color system. The low saturation Morandi color system is gentle and temperament, and it is easy to wear a high-level feeling.

2u3001 Early autumn skirt

The semi skirt in early autumn refers to the mid long skirt over the knee. If you wear a long skirt over the knee in autumn, the temperament is absolutely correct!

Half skirt and shirt are old friends. Black waist shirt with printed skirt is full of advanced feeling. However, if skin is not good enough, try to avoid wearing black body, otherwise it will look very old.

3u3001 How to wear a coat

In the early autumn, when it is cold in the morning and evening, how can we lack thin coats? In autumn, thin coats are mainly windbreaker and short coat, and there are also plenty of wear around these two items.

After reading this bloggers clothes, you will find that when you want to wear a high-level feeling at this age, you should be simple and atmospheric in the choice of clothes, and at the same time, you should master certain self-cultivation rules. It is not difficult to show high and show high.

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