After her marriage, the style of Yang Chenglin has changed greatly, and her style is strong with her slant shoulder top and floor dragging pants

 After her marriage, the style of Yang Chenglin has changed greatly, and her style is strong with her slant shoulder top and floor dragging pants

Its a pity that you dont dare to show off your good figure. Are you right, fairies? However, if you are afraid to choose some personality to wear will make you look too sexy, you might as well consider a slant shoulder top ~ it can not only show some shoulder lines, but also can create a bit of charming atmosphere, which is really necessary for going out!

Loose fitting is really comfortable. Its really suitable in this hot summer. Fairies might as well try it. It can hide the fat and create a sense of leisure. Its like killing two birds with one stone. Such a personalized dress can make you become a young girl, sweet and lovely!

Its too fashionable to wear wide leg pants with personality. The wide legs and elegant fabric make you walk with wind. This is a good woman! Its no wonder that Cheng Lin Yang chose to use it to match her. She put it on for a moment. Its two meters eight. Doesnt it hold Li Ronghaos heart?

Lighting flash design, into the pure white design, is simply too fashionable, bright and personalized, and not too high-profile, vaguely to create a very bright atmosphere, but also too charming~

If you want to look as fashionable and beautiful as Cheng Lin Yang, you might as well consider the collocation of slant shoulder pieces, which can bring you a full sense of fashion. Lets see what we have~

1. Shoulder dress.

The temperament ladies and sisters cant escape the temptation of dresses, especially the ones with oblique shoulders. This is a sharp tool to show our good figure. After all, it can let our skin be properly exposed without being abrupt. Moreover, it can create a bony charm for us and let us easily show our clavicles. Slim design, coupled with tulle Ruffle embellishment, instantly let you have a very charming temperament, appropriate sex goddess!

Introverted ladies and sisters do not worry, pure black dress can also give you to create an elegant and introverted temperament. Slim cut for you to outline the exquisite curve, coupled with the shoulder design, easy to show white skin, elegant and appropriate, no unnecessary decoration, so it looks particularly simple~

2. Shoulder top with jeans.

Dont worry that the shoulder element will make you look too gentle. In fact, different shoulder pieces will bring you different feelings. Dont you think the shoulder top will make us look cute and cute?

Short shoulder top with loose cut and printed design is just too casual, and jeans wide leg pants are even more youthful. And like this kind of up and down long dress is super show figure, wear it, long leg goddess is you!

The stripe design is integrated into the shoulder top, and the black fabric is stitched together. Its really layered. The vertical stripe can lengthen the body, show the height and show the thin. Its our magic tool! Dont miss those who like to walk tall and cool!

I dont know if you will have a new view on your collocation after watching these sets of shoulder pieces to share? Let us know in the message area and share it with us! Remember to pay attention to me and become beautiful with me~

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