U.S. stocks closed higher, Dow rose nearly 300 points, Tesla rose more than 13percent

 U.S. stocks closed higher, Dow rose nearly 300 points, Tesla rose more than 13percent

The leading chip companies in the U.S. stock market rose collectively, TSMC closed at $79.39, up 1.86%; NVIDIA closed at $457.61, up 5.44%; Intel closed at $49.19, up 2.08%; Broadcom closed at $333.64, up 2.97%; Qualcomm closed at $115.79, up 6.40%; Texas Instruments closed at $138.64, up 1.91%; amd closed at $82.61, up 7.45%; application materials Materials companies rose 3.16%; Meguiar technology rose 1.51%.

The main Chinese stocks listed in the United States generally rose, with Netease closing at US $474.53, up 4.40%; Alibaba, up 2.73%; Jingdong, up 2.81%; Baidu, up 1.21%; pinduoduo, up 3.25%; bilibilibili, up 1.49%; tal, at US $75.57, up 0.91%; Netease, up 4.40%; Alibaba, 2.73%; Jingdong, 2.81%; Baidu, 1.21%; pinduoduo, 3.25%; bilibilibili, 1.49%; tal, up 0.91%, to US $75.57; Iqiyi rose 0.50% to US $22.22, up 1.16% to US $99.16, Weibo to US $35.72, up 1.77%, Sina up 0.98%, Sohu up 1.18%, Sogou up 1.40%, Ctrip up 2.44%, 51job up 2.31%, car home up 1.28%, 58 cities up 0.16%, Weilai up 2.85%, Jinshan cloud up 1.12%, ideal car down 2.12%.

Teslas shares are up 13%, making it one of the biggest contributors to the Nasdaqs rise today. The company announced a 1:5 split to make it easier for employees and investors to buy its shares.

U.S. President trump on Tuesday night announced that the U.S. government will purchase 100 million doses of experimental new coronavirus vaccine from biopharmaceutical company Moderna, which raised market sentiment to some extent. At present, Moderna vaccine is in the late stage of human trials.

Investors no longer seem to be obsessed with the uncertainty of a new round of the new coronavirus stimulus bill in the United States. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said on Wednesday that the two sides were still far apart from each other in negotiating the stimulus bill. (Liu Chun)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541